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It’s finally getting a bit cooler in the northeast and when the temps drop, it can cause the skin to go a little haywire. A lack of luster, a hint of dryness, oil in places you don’t want it… all of these combine to create a perfect pain in the a%& to fix, amirite? Today, we’re going to get into some makeup and skin care products to give you that healthy glow back. Grab a notebook and let’s get into my favorite products for glowing skin.

Favorite Products Glowing Skin | Brighter Darling Blog

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favorite products for glowing skin

Whether you have dry or oily skin, fall is a frustrating time for many of us to maintain balanced, healthy looking skin.

I always recommend getting a facial at the beginning of any new season, so if you’ve never booked one before, it would be an ideal time!

If you don’t have time for a facial, I’ll break down my latest favorites to get your glow back.

glowing skin care

I’m a HUGE fan of sheet masks to impart instant gratification and glow.

I even wrote a whole blog post on my favorite sheet masks.

But recently, I was introduced to the Patchology Flashmasque 5-minute Milk Peel* sheet mask.

It gently exfoliates with Lactic Acid (one of the most gentle acids) and has soothing coconut and soy milk to calm.

The 5-minute Milk Peel leaves no redness – just smooth, bright skin.

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Another instant fix is picking up a hydrating facial mist.

One of my favorite brands, Paula’s Choice, launched several new products. One of them is their Refreshing Moisture Mist.*

Favorite Products Glowing Skin Paula's Choice Refreshing Facial Mist Resist Advanced Pore Refining Treatment 4 percent BHA

It instantly hydrates without being too heavy on us oily ladies.

For my sensitive skin readers, it’s also fragrance-free, cruelty-free and non-irritating (as is everything Paula’s Choice).

I’ve been loving using this to ‘set’ my makeup as it instantly takes away that flat, powdery look.

Serums are another way to add to your glow without dousing your skin in oils (shout out to the oily folks).

Paula’s Choice also released their RESIST Brightening Essence* to help restore radiance.

I LOVE the water-gel texture and the fact that it’s loaded with Licorice Extract, Vitamin C and Niacinimide – ALL super skin brightening ingredients backed by science.


Lastly, and most impactful of the skin care, is the new Paula’s Choice RESIST Advanced Pore Refining Treatment 4% BHA.*

If you’re a combination/oily skin type that struggles with texture, clogged pores, and overall radiance, you NEED to try this (and BHA exfoliants, in general).

The Advanced Pore Refining Treatment dramatically smooths wrinkles and unclogs pores. I recommend using 1-2x/week for noticeable improvement after the first couple of uses.

glowing makeup

I definitely focused a lot on the skin care products because true glow has to come from within.

If our skin isn’t smooth and hydrated properly, no makeup is going to look good.

Lately, I’ve been using a couple of luminizing makeup products that have taken me by surprise.

First up are the Soap + Glory Highlight and Sculpt Cheek Sticks.*

These remind me so much of the NARS Multiples (but a fraction of the cost).

Favorite Products Glowing Skin Paula's Choice Brightening Treatment Essence Soap and Glory Highlight and Sculpt Sticks

There’s a blush, bronzer, and highlight shade to give a ‘hint of a rosy glow,’ an ‘instant sun-kissed shimmer,’ and a ‘pop of champagne glow.’

These blend incredibly well on top of foundation (and even powder) applied with simply a finger.

Whenever I use these, I feel like I look so healthy looking.

For those looking for a GLOW FROM SPACE highlight, look no further than the Ofra Highlighter in Everglow.

Favorite Products Glowing Skin OFRA Highlighter Everglow Close Up

I initially didn’t like this highlighter if you watched me first use it on YouTube.

It kicks up a LOT of fall out when I run a brush through it.

But I can’t deny the intense glow it gives and it lasts on my skin ALL.DAY.LONG.

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Have any other favorite products for glowing skin you recommend? Help each other out and comment below or share with a friend!

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