February 12, 2016

Best-of-the-Week: YouTube Makeup Videos

This week on YouTube, my favorite makeup videos were two tutorials that would be awesome for brown eyes and learned about a unique facial hair remover. Go check out that video and let me know if you’ve ever tried that/would you?

~BTW, it’s Valentine’s Day weekend, so if you’re still looking for some makeup ideas, definitely check out my dark and vampy look I created and posted earlier this week here. If you’re still looking for some possible gift ideas for beauty lovers, my round-up of items has been quite a hit on Instagram, so check it out here.~

ipad on nightstand next to bed viewing YouTube makeup videos

Ok, Desi Perkins is so pretty I don’t think there’s a makeup look she can do wrong because she’s just so pretty! I really liked this soft, smoked out wing she created with mostly eyeshadow. Super easy to do and I definitely plan on trying this look out soon.

Nicol Concilio is a NY-based YouTuber who is young – she’s 23 – but she’s pretty huge on Instagram for her short makeup vids. This is the first time I watched her videos and the purple lower lash line really caught my eye. I don’t have the PB palette, but I do have a brighter purple shadow and recreated this look at home this week. It was really flattering on my lighter brown eyes and just enough of a pop of color. What do you think of this look?

Has anyone else seen this contraption at a beauty supply store or Walmart!? I definitely have and was curious about its results and now I’m even MORE curious after watching Michele’s video! It seems sort of painful TBH, but if it works without much skin irritation, I’d be up for trying it. Let me know if you have tried this in the comments.

favorite youtube makeup videos of the week for february 12 on brighterdarling.com

That’s wraps it up for my favorite makeup videos this week. I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day weekend with friends, your significant other, family or just slothing on your sofa with Netflix 🙂

Happy YouTubing,


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