August 8, 2023

Favorite Makeup from Merit Beauty

A question I get often is about my thoughts on clean beauty brand, Merit Beauty. They’ve continued to expand their product line since launch and win the hearts of many for their minimalist and curated collection of products. Whenever someone asks me about my favorite makeup from Merit Beauty, I always tell them to try my top three (or four?) favorites: the bronzer, the blush and the complexion stick (pair it all with the brush… omg the brush is so good). Let’s dive in a little deeper as to why these are my fave trio and a deal for you if you’re new to the brand…

Favorite Makeup from Merit Beauty by Brighter Darling

One of the coolest things about Merit Beauty is that everything has been formulated to be extra gentle on sensitive and acne prone skin.

Many clean beauty brands have a hard time formulating products that don’t break out acne prone skin. Maybe it’s the fact that they try to infuse organic/’natural’ ingredients… but that doesn’t always mean it’s acne safe or good for sensitive skin.

When I use Merit, I’m always confident that regardless what I think of the performance or colors, the product(s) won’t irritate my skin… which is HUGE for someone very acne prone like me who is always trying new beauty products. Anyways!


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favorite makeup from merit beauty

If you’re going to place an order with Merit Beauty, do NOT leave the No. 1 complexion brush out. It’s incredible and something I travel with every time, as well as, use to apply all my Merit favorites!

The Merit brush is compact – but not TOO compact – super soft, dense (but not TOO dense) and sturdy. It does an incredible job at blending out all cream makeup I’ve used with it.

The next three items are the actual makeup I love from the brand.

The Minimalist Complexion Stick is something all moms-on-the-go or busy women on the go NEED. Or, even guys honestly… it’s unisex packaging and skin-like finish make it a great dude-makeup, too, if you are someone who would appreciate a little coverage on pesky blemishes or dark circles without feeling like you’re using your mom or girlfriend’s products.

My first time trying the complexion stick wasn’t the best… the shade match was off (too light) and so I didn’t appreciate the product as much.

That’s a general tip
if a foundation or concealer doesn’t match you well, there is a high probability you won’t like it on your skin, either.

My second time (most recent) trying the stick was way better and now it’s something I reach for regularly when I really need to get out the door quick. I wear shade Camel. It’s also a PERFECT product if you do your makeup in the car or on public transit daily. The stick applicator paired with the complexion brush make it a no brainer. The fact that it is super layer-able makes it great as a replacement for your foundation and concealer in one.

Now, to be clear, the coverage on the complexion stick is NOT super full. It’s a solid medium. So if you need MORE coverage (say, under eyes), you may need to pack your favorite full coverage concealer… but in a pinch or for a no-makeup-makeup day, the Merit stick is great!

Merit Beauty Complexion Stick in Camel | Favorite Makeup from Merit Beauty

The Merit Bronze Balm bronzer stick (I use shade Seine) was in my second foray into Merit Beauty and probably one of my favorite clean beauty makeup products ever. I use shade Seine, and love how natural this looks on my skin – like a veil of bronze. It also blends incredibly with the complexion stick.

If you’re scared of cream bronzers or cream makeup in general, this is an EXCELLENT choice because you cannot go overboard with it even if you tried. It just blends out beautifully every time and not too overly pigmented.

Same with the Flush Balm blushes (pictured below, shade Beverly Hills). At first, I tried the blushes and worried they were so tiny and not worth the price. But I now own two shades (Cheeky and Beverly Hills), and it’s been almost two years and I’ve barely made a dent. Another sheer wash of color that can be used on the cheeks or lips, these blushes blend very nicely and just look like your skin – but flushed.

Merit Beauty Swatches of Beverly Hills Flush Balm and Seine Bronze Balm | Brighter Darling Blog | Clean Beauty Blog

shades: Beverly Hills, Seine

The effortless nature of Merit is what makes it appealing to busy people, clean-conscious, no-makeup-makeup lovers and I’d say… it’s a great brand to introduce to your teen because she’ll never look overdone and you’ll know she’s using clean products.

The best part of ordering from Merit is the beautiful golden corduroy travel cosmetics bag you get with your first purchase through their website. Click here to place an order and get yours today. It makes a great makeup bag or evening clutch (I’ve used mine for both).

There you have it! My favorite makeup from Merit Beauty. Next on my list to try is their Great Skin Glow serum – have heard nothing but rave reviews about it.

Brighter Darling’s Merit Beauty Favorites:

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