May 22, 2023

Everything I Use To Keep My Dry Blonde Hair Healthy

I’m a natural light brown brunette (level 6-7 with a neutral undertone) and have been lightened blonde for over 20 years. I get a lot of questions about haircare in my Instagram DMs, but it’s been a long time since I shared what I use here on the blog. I have a popular post on how I keep my hair ashy blonde (here), but it’s old and I no longer have my hair that ashy anymore… but I still highlight and balayage it blonde (just have more beige/neutral tones now). So if you’re curious about everything I use to keep my dry blonde hair healthy, then this post is for you!

Everything I Use To Keep My Dry Blonde Hair Healthy hero

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To begin, I do follow a 80% clean beauty routine in my life, BUT haircare is a category I’ve found to be VERY difficult especially with my hair type.

As someone with dryer hair and scalp, who uses bleach on it, almost every clean shampoo/conditioner didn’t cut it. Either left my hair feeling super parched and straw-like, or left a film on it where it was flat and dull.

So if you’re looking for a squeaky clean haircare routine here, you’re not going to find it. I continue to regularly try out cleaner haircare products, but until I find a sufficient alternative, these are the products (and tools!) I use. There are some cleaner brands, but it’s nowhere near as clean as my regular makeup and skincare routines.

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everything I use to keep my dry blonde hair healthy


I always have a regular shampoo and conditioner, and a blue/purple blonde-toning shampoo and conditioner in my routine.

Since I typically wash my hair 2 times a week, I’ll alternate between the regular formula and the blue/purple toning formula to keep my color looking its best.

Right now (and for the last couple of years), I keep going back to the Olaplex shampoo and conditioner for my ‘regular’ formula. You need SUCH a little amount of this product… these bottles last forever even though they appear small. But especially for someone who chemically lightens her hair, this formula helps restore and heal broken bonds, so I attribute these to the bulk of the ‘health’ of my hair.

For my blonde toning duo, I’m using Purelogy’s blonde shampoo and conditioner. In the past, I’ve enjoyed Joico and Kenra, and the masque from Kerastase, as well. All of these have more of a blue hue versus purple, which I believe works better if you are a natural brunette going blonde.

prep treatments

I keep it pretty simple with prep treatments.

When I get out of the shower, I’ve been very loyal to the It’s A 10 detangling treatment. I go back and forth with the original, lite and blonde versions. I like them all equally and don’t particularly find any work better than the other.

For as long as I can remember (high school?), I’ve used some type of oil in my hair when damp, and again after drying on the ends to smooth. Over the holidays this past year, I got a sample of the Kerastase hair oil and OH MY GOODNESS… this stuff is the BEST HAIR OIL I’ve ever used. And I’ve tried so so so many. WORTH IT. So after spraying the detangler throughout my hair, I’ll run a couple pumps of this throughout before blowdrying.

If my hair feels particularly dry, or just needs a little more smoothing after styling, I’ll use another pump just on the very ends to calm things down.

styling products

If I need extra hold, or I’m curling my hair, there’s a couple extra items you’ll find in my collection.

For hairspray, I like two formulas – the Moroccanoil Medium Hold Hairspray is my Holy Grail and I really do need to get another bottle. It’s not too crunchy, but still holds style, smells amazing and doesn’t leave a ton of build up on my hair in between washes. My runner up is the Kenra Medium Hold Hairspray. This one doesn’t have as much hold as Moroccanoil’s, but it’s easier to find in a pinch at your local Ulta.

To add texture or grit to waves/curls, I either will use IGK Beach Club (an oldie but goodie for me), or the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray (also can double as a dry shampoo). Both smell incredible.

Speaking of dry shampoo, my preferred clean beauty formula is the Olaplex dry shampoo. It leaves no white cast and works really nicely. I enjoyed the full bottle and will repurchase. I also will use the Amika dry shampoo, too.

Everything I Use To Keep My Dry Blonde Hair Healthy | Hair Products

styling tools/brushes

So… just like with makeup, the TOOLS ARE ULTRA IMPORTANT. You can invest in amazing haircare products, and still have damaged looking, unhealthy hair if you are not using decent quality tools. I’m not saying you NEED the Dyson hairdryer (lol… that air wrap price tag is OUT OF ITS MIND)… but you also may, depending on your hair type.

Again though, I don’t go overboard with styling items. I have a favorite detangling brush that I’ll also blow dry with for the bulk of dry time. I have a favorite hair drying brush that helps with styling and volume (it’s huge!).

I have two hair curlers – one wand (1.25″) for beachy waves, and one curling iron (1″) for anything else. These are the BEST in the game for thicker, hard to curl hair. My hair would never hold a curl with any other brands. These are 10/10.

I don’t often straighten my hair, but if I need a little smoothing in the humidity of summer, I’d recommend this ghd one.

And lastly, the Big Mama, I do use the Dyson hairdryer and for my hair type – thicker, wiry, dry – it’s a game changer. My hair is dry in 10 minutes (or less), and it’s easy to hold, light, and leaves my hair smooth and shiny and without needing to run a flat iron through every time. I really feel that after the shampoo/conditioner, the Dyson is the VIP in my routine. I’m sorry it’s a bizzillion dollars, but mine has lasted me almost five years and counting (keep the filter clean!). If it breaks, I’ll immediately repurchase and then eat grilled cheese for dinner for a month, lol.

HOWEVER… if you do not have thicker, wiry, dry hair… I do NOT think it’s worth it for you to buy the Dyson. My runner up dryer I used before and really loved is the Harry Josh Pro Tools Dryer 2000. I still keep this in my guest bathroom for others to use and it’s a favorite of guests, as well 🙂

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Alright friends! Now you have all my hair secrets with everything I use to keep my dry blonde hair healthy! Clearly, I am a believer in investing in salon quality haircare, since I do professionally color treat my hair. If this isn’t you, and you have virgin healthy hair, these products may not be necessary to get your desired result. But for someone who has thicker, wiry, dry and lightened hair… I fully endorse these and believe you’ll love them too! Keep me posted if you try and tag me on IG at brighterdarling.

Everything I Use To Keep My Dry Blonde Hair Healthy Brighter Darling Blog


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