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One of the most requested brands for me to review from my readers has been Dose of Colors. Personally, I have been curious about their products for some time but their shipping fees and somewhat limited variety of products (often sold out) made me hesitate. One day, I managed to get both the liquid lipstick and gloss I was eyeing IN STOCK so I knew I had to splurge. I added an eye product so I could get a (somewhat) complete look for this review. If you’re interested in my thoughts on the Stone liquid lipstick, Bellini gloss, and Sunset Eyedeal Duo, then keep reading my Dose of Colors Review.

Dose of Colors Review and Demo Using Eyedeal Duo Sunset | Stone | Bellini

Dose of Colors Review and Makeup Look Using Stone Liquid Lipstick Bellini Gloss and Sunset Eyedeal Duo - Dose of Colors Swatches
Jack Rogers

dose of colors review

Until recently, Dose of Colors was sold exclusively online via their website doseofcolors.com.

Lucky for us, Dose of Colors is NOW also sold on Ulta.com.

I really hope they eventually get their products in-stores because I do think it can be very hard to pick the right shade/formula online.

Dose of Colors was founded in 2013 by makeup artist, Anna Petrosian.

Anna likes the products in her collection to be focused on color, comfort, and versatility.

…my kind of beauty boss babe.

At the time of me writing this post, Dose of Colors offers four different lip formulas in a variety of shades, eye duos and a couple of palettes, highlighters, and some makeup brushes.

Dose of Colors is also cruelty-free and several of their products are vegan.

I decided to pick up shades that I knew would be *my colors,* so I ordered Stone liquid lipstick (a cult favorite), Bellini gloss, and Sunset eyedeal duo.

matte liquid lipstick

Stone is a creamy, deeper cool toned mauve. On the website, it’s described as a dusty pink mauve.

Let me just say from the start: I LOVE THIS LIQUID LIPSTICK.

Dose of Colors Review Eyedeal Duo Sunset and Stone Liquid Lipstick Look


Hands down, best liquid lipstick formula I’ve probably ever tried.

It has the perfect cross between comfort, longevity, and pigmentation.

Stone feels like velvet on the lips!

The applicator is also perfection. It’s a wider, angled doe foot with the plushiest feel when applied to the lips.

When this wears down, it doesn’t crumble or flake/cake off. It blends away softly, and you can reapply without it looking crusty.

Dose of Colors Review Stone Liquid Lipstick

This formula makes my lips appear fuller and you can visibly tell a difference in texture from this formula to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick review I posted earlier this week.

I highly recommend picking up a couple of the Dose of Colors liquid lipsticks because they are 100% worth the hype and beautiful.

lip gloss

Bellini is a pale coral peach. On the website, it’s described as peach nectar with gold flecks. It does not seem available on ulta.com.

I don’t feel like gloss is an adequate description of this formula.

I find this is more of a cream lipstick. The pigment is full and there is more of a satin shine – not a gloss.

Dose of Colors Review and Demo Using Eyedeal Duo Sunset and Bellini GlossOTHER PRODUCTS USED:

This is one of those situations where I don’t know if the website does this shade justice – at least not on someone with more medium/olive skin.

It’s much lighter in person than the website.

Although I love the idea of this color, it does not wear as nicely on the lips on its own.

Dose of Colors Review Bellini Gloss

I find it enhances any dry bits and doesn’t give anywhere near the fullness as the liquid lipstick does.

However, Bellini is beautifully topped over other lipsticks! I’ve used just a dab of it in the center of the lips with several shades and it’s perfect. See in my September Beauty Favorites.

eyedeal duo

I picked this eye primer/pigment up in Sunset (of course). It’s a deep bronze/amber shade.

The duo comes with a cream shadow ‘primer’ in a corresponding shade that is meant to be topped with the intense shimmer/sparkle pigment encased on the bottom.

To me, I don’t know if you necessarily NEED the primer but it is convenient.

Dose of Colors Review Eyedeal Duo In Sunset

The pigment is almost creamy, so it does need some type of sticky base to stay in place (I found the primer included or my MAC paint pots worked identically).

It goes on the lids like a liquid metal and works best with a synthetic shadow brush.

Dose of Colors Eyedeal Duo Sunset Demo Close Up

The Eyedeal Duos are beautiful for a special event or the holidays when you want your eyes to stand out without being too complicated.

overall thoughts

The liquid lipstick is a stunner and makes me want to order more shades very soon!

The gloss is not my right color on its own, but I’d be up for trying maybe a slightly deeper shade.

The Eyedeal Duos are fun – definitely not for everyone or every day – but great to bump up your look for something special, or if you’re a glitter/shimmer fanatic.

Dose of Colors Eyedeal Duo Sunset Swatch | Dose of Colors Stone Swatch | Dose of Colors Bellini Swatch

Have you tried Dose of Colors yet? What are some of your favorites? Comment below or share with a friend if you know they’ve been wanting to try Dose of Colors makeup.

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