DIBS Beauty Review – Status Stick & Desert Island Duo Shade 4

Recently, I shared how much I’ve enjoyed the two products I ordered from DIBS Beauty (Desert Island Beauty Status). DIBS is a fairly new, indie beauty brand cofounded by longtime lifestyle influencer, Courtney Shields. Everything is consciously formulated and thought out to be highly curated – no extra fluff. Just well loved products to make you look glowing and polished. Today, I want to go a little more in depth with a DIBS beauty review on my Status Stick in High Road Highlight and the Desert Island Duo in shade 4.

DIBS Beauty Review | Status Stick in High Road Highlight and Desert Island Duo in Shade 4 | Brighter Darling Blog

If you’re like me, you prefer fast yet no fuss makeup that packs a punch with minimal effort. It’s not good enough to just be fast. I want it fast, but pretty.

That’s where I feel DIBS has got it perfectly right. I’m going to order a couple more things from them soon (eyeing eyeshadow and lip liner soon), but so far, I’ve been so impressed with the complexion items I’ve picked up so far.

DIBS beauty review

Honestly, this review doesn’t need much explanation once you see the products in action here on my Instagram Reel, but let’s get to the important parts nonetheless…


Starting with the Status Stick in High Road Highlight, this is a multi-purpose product that really packs a punch and a great bang for your buck. It’s a very chunky stick – almost like a deodorant – that can be used anywhere on the body, both face and body.

It currently comes in three shades – a beige shimmer, gold shimmer, and bronze shimmer and retails for $36 for a whopping 38g of product!

What I love about this stick is that it’s not super dewy and greasy on the skin. So many cream highlighter sticks leave this film on my already normal/oily skin and I don’t need that. I want the convenience and natural skin-like finish of a cream but without that dewy balm effect. The DIBS Status Stick has been the winner for me. Although the pigment is intense, it’s able to be sheered out so you can get a natural looking glow, too.

Status Stick also works beautifully under foundation/tinted moisturizer, as well as, on top. I’ve applied it with a damp beauty blender, brush and my fingers. It works ALL ways.

DIBS Status Stick High Road Highlight Swatch, DIBS Desert Island Status Stick Shade 4 Swatches | Brighter Darling Blog
DIBS Status Stick High Road Highlight Swatch, DIBS Desert Island Status Stick Shade 4 Swatches

Getting into the Desert Island Duo, this one was a little tricky. There’s currently eight options and they’re dual-sided. One end contains a bronzer/contour shade, and the other a blush. The formula is matte, so no shimmer shades (yet). The challenge is figuring out what shade you want! I struggled with liking a bronzer color more than the blush, or vice versa, and couldn’t decide what to pick… but finally settled on Shade 4 (Not So Basic/Iced Chai). Shade 4 runs VERY warm… a terracotta peachy blush and a very warm medium bronzer. I’m definitely going to order shade 1.5 next to give me a softer look and a cooler bronzer, yet still in the warmer blush shades (Shade 1.5 is a sheer poppy peachy blush with a cooler bronzer).

Desert Island Duo DIBS sticks
*Some* of the Desert Island Duos (newer shades missing)

DIBS Desert Island Duos Shade 4 and Shade 1.5

Once you figure out what shade you want, the formula is similar to the Status Stick in that it packs a punch and is creamy without being balmy/greasy on the skin. That type of consistency works well on ALL skin types and ages, in my opinion.

You can apply this straight to the face and blend out, as the formula is very buttery, but since Shade 4 is more pigmented on my skin tone, I find it applies nicer if I pick up the product on a brush first, then buff into the skin.

These creams also wear well all day long. Sometimes creams can fade quickly, but I find I still see my blush by the end of a long day.

You can currently purchase DIBS online at their DIBS website or on Revolve. I love Revolve’s fast and free shipping, but if you shop through DIBS, there’s tons of coupon codes floating around if you Google (including 10% off your first order with them).

Enjoy and stay tuned on more DIBS found here soon!

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DIBS Beauty Review - Status Stick & Desert Island Duo Shade 4 BRIGHTER DARLING BLOG

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