Beauty Tips From Dad: Battling Dry Skin

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Not all beauty tips are learned from mom or grandma: this beauty tip comes from my dad. For as long as I can remember since I was a little girl, my dad had bottles and tubes of Curel moisturizer all over the house and in the car because he struggles with dry skin and eczema. Anytime I had a skin concern, I’d hear (in a heavy NYC/Queens accent, I may add), “Steffanie, you gotta get Curel. It’s the best. Will heal it up in a few days.” Now that I’m an adult and totally beauty obsessed, I trust Curel products to heal my dry and sensitive skin before looking at any other brand because I know it works for my dad.

I’ve been testing out the Curél® Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer and this is a Godsend for perpetually parched, scaly skin without any sticky feel (plus, it’s 100% fragrance-free which I’m so thankful). Let’s get into the details on why this moisturizer is my new body BFF…

curel hydra therapy review | how to stop dry skin | best non greasy dry skin moisturizer

curel hydra therapy review | how to get rid of scaly skin | best non greasy dry skin moisturizer
Why the Curél® Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer?

Since moving back to NJ from Houston, TX a couple of months ago, my skin has been acting up. I guess it was so used to the crazy humidity in TX that NJ feels like a desert. I started noticing scaly patches on my legs, and my elbows and hands were always ashy. As someone with fairly oily skin, I was so confused.

I think a lot of people despise the way body moisturizer feels on the skin – heavy, sticky and overall slimy. If you’re a morning shower person, no one wants to struggle to hike up your pants over greasy body lotion. If you’re a night shower person (like myself), who enjoys the feeling of sticking to your bed sheets after applying a nice coating of lotion? NO ONE. So we’re stuck. We’re stuck being sticky or we’re stuck being scaly.

I started my research at my favorite place for health/beauty products – Walmart – because everything’s always more affordable there.

What makes Curél® Hydra Therapy different?

When I spotted Curél® Hydra Therapy, I was so happy because I remembered my dad always swearing by Curel. Their formulas were very effective for his dry skin and eczema and I really loved how emollient they were yet they sunk right into the skin (not oily) and had ZERO fragrance (because I like to choose my own perfume thankyouverymuch). I immediately put it in my cart and could not wait to use it in the shower that first night. I also was brainstorming how on earth I could get my husband (who is drier than the Sahara) to use this without putting up a fight… TBD on that…

The big reason Curél® Hydra Therapy is different from others is that they include a potent blend of an Advanced Ceramide Complex in their moisturizer. No heavy oils which leave a film on the skin; ceramides are found naturally in our skin and help plump the dermis to retain water. Since ceramides are something found in our skin naturally, it allows the formula to penetrate deeper and therefore actually HEAL dryness (not just cover it up).

curel hydra therapy review | best fragrance free non greasy body lotion

curel hydra therapy review | best fragrance free non greasy body lotion

How I’m Using It

Since I’m a night showerer, I go about my shower routine and as soon as I turn the water off, I use 1 pump for both of my arms, 1 pump for my torso and 1 pump for both of my legs.  After showering, your skin cells expand like a sponge when wet, making it easy for Curél® Hydra Therapy to soak in and heal the skin when used daily.

After I got out of the shower, I brush my teeth and change into my PJs. I looked at and felt my arms and legs to see if they were greasy. NOTHING. No residue whatsoever. My bath towel didn’t feel slimy and my skin just looked smooth, felt so soft, and my favorite: no scaly patches on my legs anymore. The best news was that when I woke up the next day, my skin still looked and felt soft just after one use.

Tip: Curél® Hydra Therapy is especially awesome if you like to self-tan! It makes my self-tanner blend in so seamlessly and lasts longer, as well, since the skin is so well-hydrated without feeling sticky. 

Curel Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer at Walmart | Curel Hydra Therapy Review

I’m thrilled I can now moisturize my body daily without dreading the after effects. Curél® Hydra Therapy is my new favorite body moisturizer. I highly recommend going out and picking it up at your local Walmart so you can find it at the best price ASAP. Curél® Hydra Therapy is in the Health/Beauty section.

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ending my dry skin | curel hydra therapy review | best non greasy body lotion

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