Real Girl Beauty: Clinique Makeup Favorites

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Welcome to my third “Real Girl Beauty” post! I started this series a couple of months ago (feat. Chanel, Benefit) where I chat with my friends (or readers) who are non-beauty bloggers about their beauty routines. It could be that the girl enjoys a particular brand of makeup (like in today’s post on Clinique makeup favorites), or just has sworn by certain products for years! Something about getting a peek into what the every day woman is using is interesting to me, so today we’re talking Real Girl Beauty with my sorority sister, Lauryn, who has the most incredible eyelashes you’ll ever see in your life and always insists it’s her incredible Clinique mascara application.

For added fun, I wanted the ladies to take photos of their products themselves… non beauty blogger style. This means I expected that the products didn’t look pristine and many of the pics would be taken simply on an iPhone (not some fancy DSLR)… because let’s be honest. Before I take pictures of my makeup for posts with my ginormous camera, don’t think that there aren’t a plethora of Clorox wipes and rubbing alcohol involved to make sure everything looks as perfect as possible 😉 Let’s take a look at what Clinique items are in Lauryn’s makeup bag!

Clinique Makeup Favorites | Real Girl Beauty

Background on Lauryn

Real Girl Beauty Clinique Makeup FavoritesLauryn and I first met when I was working for my sorority’s headquarters in Philadelphia and she applied to be my first intern for the communications department. I knew she had an amazingly creative portfolio, but I didn’t know that we’d become amazing friends. It’s been about five years now (!!!) and Lauryn and I are still very close. She’s currently pursuing her master’s in education in New Jersey and has a few side gigs in PR/design/marketing. She has great taste in design, so it’s no surprise she’ll have great taste in beauty, right? 

As I mentioned earlier, Lauryn’s got great lashes. They’re bold and long without being spidery and her effortless makeup style is something all women would admire. I’ve seen Lauryn rock a glam eye look and a bold lip (never at once) and both look fabulous on her. Lauryn’s a loyal lady, so it’s no surprise to me that she’s been a die-hard Clinique mascara girl since 7th grade.

“My mom is a huge Clinique fan, so when I was in 7th grade and wanted to start wearing makeup, Clinique is where we went. I love how it emphasizes classic beauty and simplicity,” Lauryn told me.

Her Clinique collection didn’t end with the mascara, “Right now, I use the Almost Powder Makeup, The Dramatically Different Lotion, and the Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara day-to-day. I also have their 3-Step Skincare Line, the sonic skin care brush and my go-to perfume, Clinique Happy,” she continued.

clinique chubby lash mascara review | real girlbeauty | clinique makeup favorites

Of course, when you’ve been using a brand for approximately 10-15 years, you’re bound to have some Holy Grail-Must-Have products. I asked Lauryn what were hers:

My constant is Clinique’s mascara. I use High Impact and Chubby Lash… just depends on what is in stock. I feel like they are very similar. I have bought Clinique mascara for years and I will keep buying it forever because it washes off with WATER! That’s it! None of this sticky goop that stays on your eyes unless you hurt yourself trying to get it off. I actually get very disoriented when I try on other mascaras and I need to use makeup remover… I’m like “What’s going on… why do I look like a raccoon?!”

Clinique Makeup Favorites | Clinique Almost Powder Makeup | Real Girl Beauty

Now, here’s the trick, when I found out Lauryn loved the High Impact mascara (that I’ve tried before and was never ‘wowed’ by), I had to know her secret. She spills the beans here along with a few other beauty tips:

For the mascara, I just do it in layers. Not one or two – like five to eight – and I layer while it’s still wet and malleable. Keep adding it on there! It won’t get clumpy; the formula is very smooth.

For the Almost Powder makeup, I use this when I am on the go and don’t have time to do full liquid foundation and setting powder. It comes with a sponge but sometimes it can go on a bit heavy, which is why I will put it on with a kabuki brush. I always put the [Dramatically Different] lotion on before any foundation or powder application. I keep the mini bottle in my makeup bag. If I don’t use it, then my skin will revolt and insist on producing a ton of oil to make itself moisturized. Then I am a greasy mess.

…I can attest to Lauryn’s mascara-layering technique. I have watched her do this and it truly is the trick to getting bomb lashes without falsies.

Real Girl Beauty | Clinique Makeup Favorites | Clinique Makeup Must Haves

Clinique’s been having a ton of new launches lately – from lip products (Pop line), to skin care (Pep Start) and blushes. When I asked Lauryn if any of these newer releases caught her eye, she told me, “They’ve been focusing on skin care a lot lately, so I would love to try one of their face masks (like the charcoal one) or their new exfoliating cleanser.”

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What are your favorites from Clinique? Let us know in the comments! I really think I need to give their mascara another shot with Lauryn’s technique. MUCH LOVE to Lauryn for sharing all of these details on her Clinique makeup favorites.

If you’re interested in being featured in an upcoming “Real Girl Beauty” (drugstore or high-end brands welcome), shoot me an email at with “Real Girl Beauty: [INSERT BRAND NAME]” as the subject.

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