New Skin Care Additions To Keep Skin Clear and Glowing

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The biggest misconception I hear from women while working as a freelance makeup artist is that they don’t like the way makeup looks on their skin. They think it looks obvious, cakey, etc., but after I give them a fresh look, they can’t believe they’re wearing makeup at all because they look like themselves – but better. This is entirely due to proper skin care. The right skin care routine will completely change the way you think about makeup and it’s important to evaluate if you’re using the right products a couple of times a year. This happened to me during my latest (and way overdue) facial at Rescue Spa in Philadelphia, where my aesthetician and I had a serious heart-to-heart about what I was using. She quickly sent me off with some clear and glowing skin care products and I’m happy to report that after just three weeks, my skin’s showing massive improvement in congestion, texture, and radiance.

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Living in Houston, a friend of mine introduced me to Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 around the time I just started learning about chemical exfoliating toners. She warned me it was probably the priciest ‘toner’ I’d ever find but fully endorsed it because she said her skin never looked as clear as when she used the pungent-smelling liquid. Being as skin care obsessed that I am, I ordered a couple bottles while living in Texas – fully planning on making a visit to Rescue Spa in Philadelphia once I moved back to NJ. Rescue Spa’s online shop is of the few places Biologique Recherche is sold in the United States after you do an online consultation to find the best formula of Lotion P50 for you – there are several.

Clear and Glowing Skin Care Products

I try to go for professional facials every three months because my skin is high maintenance. I am not one of those women who can slap on any foundation or use any moisturizer – my face tells me within HOURS (sometimes minutes) if something’s going to break me out. Facials are integral in keeping my pores clear and I would go more often if it were more affordable. Alas, I made my facial appointment at Rescue Spa and finally got the Biologique Recherche royal treatment.

The new sunscreen

I knew my skin was congested. It’s perpetually congested and for years, I couldn’t figure out what could be causing that bumpy texture and tiny clogged pores. Of course, wearing makeup daily doesn’t help (and that isn’t going to change for me), but something has just not been right. For awhile now, I’ve had a gut instinct it’s been my Elta MD sunscreen that I’ve used since ~2011/2012. I didn’t want to believe it, but I had a feeling. Magdalena – my facialist – strongly urged I switched to a physical sunscreen for my sensitive skin (learn about physical vs chemical sunscreens here). I had been trying to find a good one but the couple I had tried previously broke me out (see what I mean about sensitivity!?). She recommended Jan Marini’s Physical Protectant SPF45.

The new ‘toner’

In addition to a new sunscreen, it was time to re-incorporate Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 Original 1970 daily. What is Lotion P50? I found the perfect description by, “It’s not a lotion. And it’s not really a toner, although I suppose that’s the closest category you could place it in. It’s more of a hybrid, a clear liquid that exfoliates and balances all skin types. You’re meant to use it twice a day, after cleansing and before moisturizer and makeup.”

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In my K Beauty Skin Care routine, I mentioned that regular use of chemical exfoliators is not a good idea, but I’m adjusting my belief. I now think it is 100% contingent on your skin type and the formula you’re using. Magda recommended I use Lotion P50 both morning and night (in the past, I only used it at night).

The new mask

Two to three nights a week, I *must* mask. In the past, I would do a sheet mask once or twice a week or a clay mask if I broke out, but now I am using Biologique’s Masque Vivant 2x a week religiously, and a sheet mask once (Magda’s tip to remember when to mask: do it the nights you wash your hair – for me it’s twice a week). Masque Vivant is a balancing mask best for oily, combination, dull, less toned skin. The owner of Rescue Spa says:

“If you do Masque Vivant at least twice a week you’ll never age. This unique mask contains live yeast extracts which are packed with amino acids and famously nourishing Vitamin B.  There is no product like it to keep your skin purified, revitalized and bright.  In my 20 years of experience with it, I have seen it drastically improve many people’s complexions.”

The new moisturizer

Lastly, a new night cream. As soon as Tatcha’s Water Cream was announced online, I was on the hunt but it was sold out at every Sephora I walked in to! I finally splurged on it and it’s quite lovely. You only need a pea sized amount, so although it’s expensive, I have barely made a dent in it in over two months. Water Cream is an oil-free, anti aging moisturizer that says ‘provides nutrient-rich, balanced hydration with the unique water-burst that breaks upon application to deliver nourishment without leaving skin sticky or greasy. It clarifies and refines skin with pure, powerful Japanese botanicals: Japanese wild rose visibly tightens pores and smooths skin texture…’

Overall Thoughts

I still value my K Beauty lessons learned, but I am currently using a Korean-French skin care hybrid routine. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure if it’s Lotion P50 or the Jan Marini sunscreen that have dramatically lessened my skin’s congestion, but something’s definitely working and the Elta MD sunscreen will no longer be a formula I can recommend (to those of you currently using it and loving it, great; to those who aren’t loving it, I recommend finding the Jan Marini one ASAP).

What I like most about the Jan Marini sunscreen is the smooth, easy to blend texture and the undetectable tint that doesn’t leave a white cast. It’s not greasy and absorbs quickly. Lotion P50 gives my skin a glow and obliterates any random breakouts that pop up instantly. Masque Vivant helps keep my skin radiant, acne-free, and aids in the decongestion of my pores. Water Cream is lightweight – especially for summertime – and is keeping the hydration levels balanced without irritation.


You’ll be sure to see more of these in future posts! Have you tried any new skin care lately? Let me know in the comments.

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