Cleaner Self Care Products for Tweens or Teens

I had a friend ask me about cleaner, ‘fun’ bath products for her ‘tween’ daughter recently and I realized this is a topic I’m sure many moms of tweens (and teens) may be thinking! So much of those face masks, bath bombs and soaps sold at Target and Claire’s are full of harmful ingredients that can really mess with young girls’ endocrine systems. They’re SO easily targeted and get caught up in the pretty colors and sparkly glitter. It’s hard to resist, I know. BUT, there are so many cleaner self care products for tweens or teens that want to pamper themselves – without spending a fortune.

Cleaner Self Care Products for Tweens or Teens

I clearly remember getting googly eyed once I turned around 12/13 and would walk by a display in the store featuring some sort of bath product, play makeup or glittery lotion.

It’s like a right of passage to slather yourself in sugary smelling, peel off cucumber masks and take a bath in pink bath water with sparkles.

BUT! It’s just not worth the yucky chemicals on our babies (even if they’re hormonal, moody or downright mean sometimes these days).

Plus, there’s a lot of safer alternatives for them to have some fun while being safe.

Here’s my recommendations for cleaner self care products for tweens or teens…

cleaner self care products for tweens or teens

For the kid who wants to use face masks, have them try these by C’est Moi – they even make this adorable ‘sleepover mask’ set of three, perfectly created for young, delicate skin.

For DIY mani’s and pedi’s, you can’t go wrong with Ella and Mila polishes at Target.

ella and mila nail polish safe non toxic nail polish for tweens and teens

When they tell you they want bath bombs to ‘relax,’ get them this set from Beauty by Earth, or this one from Rocky Mountain Soap Company (love this company, in general, for lots of body/bath care).

If they want a grown up bubble bath, get the Rocky Mountain Soap Company bubble bath – the vanilla coconut will be right up their tween/teen scent profile!

the rocky mountain soap company better bubble bath

If they need a safer deodorant, steer them to milk + honey or Primally Pure. Both have very similar formulas and are great for sensitive, delicate skin while being free of harmful chemicals. I personally love Primally Pure’s Charcoal deodorant for myself and my husband. I do have a code for Primally Pure to save some $$$, so use BRIGHTERDARLING at checkout!

I hope that helps fill a gap in the lives of our young ones while keeping lots of unnecessary chemicals from touching their skin, and helps set them up for safer and smarter choices as they get older 🙂


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