Clean Nontoxic Self Tan Routine

I’m so glad I’ve perfected my clean, nontoxic self tan routine! Years ago, I did my old self tanning recommendations and routine and it’s fair to say that you wouldn’t catch me using ANY OF those products anymore. Although they did/do get the job done, I don’t feel comfortable recommending those products due to the ingredients being questionable for safety. With that said, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a good faux tan!

CLEAN Nontoxic Self Tan Routine hero | Beauty By Earth Self Tan Routine

Having a natural, gently fading sun-kissed glow is what I’m after in my routine.

I don’t want something super high maintenance that is INSANELY dark or fades in patches or makes my skin feel ultra dry and cracky.

So if that sounds like something you’d like, too, keep reading…

self tan skin prep

This is something so often neglected but makes a huge difference.

Do you have to do it EVERY TIME you self tan? No.

But if you take the extra few minutes to do these steps, your tan will look even more natural and last just a little bit longer.

I typically self tan once a week or once every ten days or so… so this routine is not something you have to do all the time.

This routine is perfect for nighttime. I shower, exfoliate and shave.

CLEAN Nontoxic Self Tan Routine | Beautycounter Sugarbuff Body Scrub Lemongrass | Best Deep Exfoliating Body Scrub

I prefer a DEEP exfoliating scrub with lots of scrubbies that will leave those rough patches of skin smooth as a baby’s butt… so I grab the Beautycounter Sugarbuff Body Polish in Lemongrass.

This tub is huge and will last you about a year with weekly use. I use this on my legs, and occasionally my arms.

Then, I shave with my Billie razor (this is brand new! follow me on Instagram to see my thoughts).

self tan routine

Once out of the shower and dry, I prefer to use Beauty By Earth Self Tan Lotion. I find this formula to be the cleanest –  ingredient-wise – and it also gives me the perfect sun kissed results that fades naturally.

I’ve tried a few other ‘clean’ self tanners out there, and none are as clean as they say… particularly with undisclosed fragrances which are hormone disrupters. No thanks.

When I used to use self tanning mousses, I liked using a self tan mitt. But with this lotion, I simply use my hands.

The Beauty By Earth lotion is very hydrating and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple.

**If you prefer a mousse formula, Beauty By Earth just launched a mousse. If you like mousse, I do recommend a mitt. Mousse tends to stain a bit more than lotions.

BACK TIP: If you don’t have a partner, spouse or roommate at home to help you cover your upper back, you have to get this self tan back applicator. SO WORTH IT. I’ve had mine for almost five years and going strong!

Beauty by Earth’s self tanner does NOT have that rancid self tan smell like other formulas, but it still has a bit of a smell after wearing it overnight so… that leads us to the morning routine…

Before and After Beauty By Earth Self Tanner

next day touch up

To really seal in this clean nontoxic self tan routine, in the morning, I do a quick body shower to rinse off the excess self tanner (and the inevitable subtle self tan smell).

I also layer on a lightweight moisturizer like the Beautycounter Countermatch Adaptive Body Lotion (deeply heals the skin’s barrier) to keep the skin hydrated. This lotion really keeps the self tan looking even and natural.

Clean Nontoxic Self Tan Routine | Beautycounter Countermatch Adaptive Body Lotion

After that, I shower as usual the remaining days.

I don’t moisturize every night (just the morning after), but if you like to, it’ll only help your self tan. I’m just usually too tired. 🙂

I repeat this process every 7-10 days, especially in the early summer or whenever I need a little summer glow!

Let me know if you try my clean nontoxic self tan routine and how it works for you in the comments.

Clean NONTOXIC Self Tan Routine | Safer Self Tanner | Pregnancy Safe Self Tanner | Beauty By Earth Self Tan Review | Beauty by Earth Before and After

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