February 25, 2020

Clean Beauty Date Night Glam Makeup Tutorial [YouTube]

Hey all! In my quest to try all the clean beauty things, I took the plunge and ordered my THIRD Beautycounter eyeshadow palette – the Romantic. I hesitated on this one, because to me, it seemed too cool toned and overall, very smokey. But then I saw celebrity makeup artists use it on Mandy Moore, Annette Benning, America Ferrara and Heidi Klum this awards season, and duh… I needed it then. This palette has everyone who sees it swooning and telling me they think it seems “more wearable” than the brown/nude/neutral Classic palette, lol! Anyway, I wanted to glam it up a bit recently, so we took it for a test drive in this clean beauty date night glam makeup tutorial

clean beauty date night glam makeup tutorial | beautycounter romantic palette tutorial

Originally, I shared this look quickly on myInstagram and everyone was dying over it and wanted me to recreate it.

I know there’s a big misconception in the beauty community that ‘clean beauty’ is boring.

I see it in all the marketing campaigns from all the clean brands – Beautycounter included!

They feature REALLY basic one eyeshadow looks with barely there foundation coverage, or something REALLY eclectic (like a bold eyeliner color) and a BRIGHT pop of lip.

I think there’s a HUGE HUGE HUGE market gap of customers (myself included) that LOVE makeup and love looking glam, but aren’t willing to sacrifice performance for safety anymore.

We want our glam, but make it safe.

So that’s where I fall. That’s what I want to be for those of you out there who love the idea of clean beauty, but don’t want to sacrifice that flawless look. I am here for it. <3

So I recreated the look and filmed it on YouTube with step by step instructions so you can follow along and practice at home.

clean beauty date night glam makeup tutorial

The STAR player in this look is the Beautycounter Eyeshadow Palette – Romantic, ($50) but you’ll notice not EVERY product is Beautycounter. Not every brand does everything 100% perfect and I will continue to use other brands until I can find parallel substitutes.

beautycounter romantic palette

Beautycounter also has a bundled (discounted) makeup set, Get The Look, ($115, $145 value) that includes this eyeshadow palette, and eyeliner pencil (your choice of color), highlighter (your choice of color; I used Topaz in this look), Color Intense Lipstick (your choice of color; I used a Lip Sheer lipstick, but if I recreated it with Color Intense, I recommend Brunch or Backstage).

The full listing of makeup used is listed within the description box of the YouTube video so you can find things quickly.

I hope this quick video helps you see that CLEAN CAN BE GLAM and it’s not boring. Hate that. *hair flip*


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