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Being that I am constantly trying new beauty brands – regardless if I had this blog or not – I decided to sit back and take a look at my collection. How many of these items did I learn about from blogging? When I say that, I mean both reading about the products from other blogs and/or learning about them from trying them for Brighter, Darling directly. I have to say, I was pretty pleased with the list of brands that stand out! They’re all high-quality brands that have been consistent and high performing. Let’s get into my list of brands I learned about from blogging

Brands I Learned About From Blogging | Purlisse, Patchology, Pixi Beauty, Charlotte Tilbury, Paula's Choice, ColourPop

brands i learned about from blogging

Even before I started Brighter Darling, I was (and still very much am) an avid reader of beauty blogs.

I swear, I read every single day, and remember loving checking out’s makeovers every week.

It was a big part of how I’ve improved my own artistry and how I learned to curate my collection.

Now, there are thousands (can I say millions even?!) of beauty bloggers sharing our thoughts, reviews, and tutorials to help other women feel their best and I think it’s awesome.

Long gone are the days you feel like you HAVE to make an uneducated beauty purchase – going blindly into the beauty aisles selecting merchandise solely off of packaging claims. It’s a beautiful thing!

Let me know some of your favorite beauty blogs in the comments!

Brands I Learned About From Blogging Including Purlisse, Patchology, Pixi, Charlotte Tilbury, Paula's Choice and ColourPop


Although I don’t currently have anything in my collection from Purlisse (except this nearly empty moisturizer), I’ve talked about them a few times on the blog.

First learning about them from the Allure Beauty Box I reviewed, I then got some sheet masks from them and continue to feel that they make one of the nicest daily moisturizers and sheet masks I’ve ever tried.


I first learned of Patchology when attending a beauty event in Houston at Neiman Marcus. Everything they come out with is on-brand/on-trend, does what it says it will do and has quality ingredients to back up its claims. BONUS points that their staff is very kind!

Standouts included the Restoring Night Eye Gels, Flashmasque Illuminate, and the foot-exfoliating Posh Peel Pedi Cure.

Brands I Learned About From Blogging
pixi beauty

Pixi was one of the first brands to start to send me PR and I was literally DEAD when I got my first box! It was (and still is) so exciting to get one of their mint green packages in the mail because it’s always chock full of wonderful new releases.

My favorites include their skin mists (about to run out of my Milky Hydrating One), Glow Peel Pads, and their Peel + Polish.

charlotte tilbury

You’ll probably be surprised to learn that my FAVORITE makeup brand, Charlotte Tilbury, was discovered from reading blogs.

When she first launched in the UK, I was reading blogs from Amelia Liana and others over the pond and immediately knew I’d love it. Once released in the US, I got a chance to meet her on her Nordstrom launch tour in Houston and that was it. Love at first sight!


paula’s choice

One of (or maybe it was THE) first sponsored posts I ever agreed to do with a brand was with Paula’s Choice. They have been around for decades and have a cult following for a very, very good reason.

I first learned of the brand from scouring skincare message boards on places like reddit and back in college, so when I had the opportunity to create sponsored content for them to share with my readers, you can imagine it felt like I got to meet a celebrity!

I have yet to try a Paula’s Choice skincare product that doesn’t do what it says it will, OR that irritates my skin. It’s amazing. I constantly recommend the brand to friends and family in real life. Find my latest skincare routine here, where I still use their stuff!

Brands I Learned About From Blogging Including Charlotte Tilbury and Paula's Choice Ceramide Cream


I was an early adopter of ColourPop. They hit the scene on blogs and YouTube years ago and were only sold online then.

To me, they’re the Zara of makeup – releasing “Fast Fashion” style makeup with trendy textures and colors every other day (it seems). Plus, the $10 or less price point on 98% of their products makes them very attractive.

I still love to wear Echo Park Ultra Satin Lip regularly and never have a bad eye makeup day when using their pressed OR super shock shadows.


This list is not entirely exhaustive, but the ones that come to the top of my mind that I’m really loving to this day. I have a feeling there will be more editions of this post to come. <3

What are some brands you’ve learned about (and love) from reading blogs? I want 2018 to be a big year for me to try new things, so the more suggestions, the merrier!

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