January 22, 2016

Best-of-the-Week: YouTube Makeup Videos

In case you’re new to my blog, I’ve started a new series this year on Brighter, Darling:  best-of the week, YouTube makeup videos.

It’s published every Friday, just in time to let you zone out from work/class/life before the weekend officially starts. Best YouTube makeup videos will include a round-up of my top three favorite YouTube beauty videos I’ve watched – sharing the creme de la creme with you! Continue reading to watch this week’s Top 10 Lip Products of 2015, a demo/review of a bunch of new L’Oreal drugstore makeup and one of my most favorite “no makeup” makeup tutorials…

My top three favorite YouTube makeup and beauty videos of the week for Jan. 22.

I’ve been watching Emily for years! Her and Makeup Geek were my original YouTube beauty ‘gurus’ since ~2007. She’s a 30something former news-anchor-turned-stay-at-home-YouTuber and new mom. She’s always been very humble, honest and the type of girl you can trust not to sell you anything just because a company sent her something. I (as many others) appreciate and respect that! She does an annual “Emily Awards” series on her channel and I really enjoyed all of her lip picks, so sharing it with my readers was a no brainer.

Julie is a sort-of-new YouTuber (with the sweetest southern accent) I discovered within the past three months and she’s a total drugstore makeup lover. She recently picked up a ton of new L’Oreal launches and demos them out in this video; continues testing the products for a week and then checks back in at the end to give her final thoughts and top picks.

Ok, Melissa is just STUNNING, so it’s sort of not even fair to see her no makeup makeup look, lol, but despite the fact that she’s using a foundation that was sent to her, the technique and products used overall looked beautiful. I tested it out this past Tuesday using one of my own foundations and loved the way it looked – light and fresh.

Catch up on the last two week’s of Best-of-YouTube here (1/8) and here (1/15).

A roundup of my top three YouTube makeup/beauty videos of the week.

I hope you’re all enjoying this little series and comment below letting me know which was your favorite or if you had any favorite videos of the week!

Happy YouTubing,


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