Best-of-the-Week: YouTube Makeup Videos

Such an exciting time in makeup with all the summer releases and sales in full swing! This week, I really enjoyed a thorough review of all the new eyeshadow palettes that have hit the shelves, some Pinterest makeup dupes tested and lastly, a simple summer makeup tutorial that will make anyone look fresh-faced and pretty.

best of the week youtube

I can think of at least seven new eyeshadow palettes to hit shelves in drugstores and higher-end stores within the last month or so. It’s too much for an eyeshadow junkie like myself to handle. I personally think the stand out palette that’s the most unique seems to be Anastasia’s new Modern Renaissance palette. Any new palettes catching your eye?

Everyone loves a good dupe and lately, I think many of us have caught on to the face that what you see on Pinterest can often result in a #PinterestFail. Laura Lee found some truth behind the pins and shares them in this fun video.

Annie Jaffrey can do no wrong in my eyes. She’s SO pretty I can’t. -__- I also selfishly love her recommendations for products just because we’re the same skin tone and both have brown eyes, lol. Love this entire look.

My favorite YouTube Makeup Videos of the Week

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