Best-of-the-Week: YouTube Makeup Videos

As I wind down my week, I’m pretty proud of how productive I’ve been considering it’s basically been a deluge of rain and clouds here in Houston basically the last two months. Of course, today, I’ve been indoors busily working even though the sun has been shining brightly despite the thunderstorm forecast. #isntitironic

I digress, you all HAVE to watch this amazing makeup tutorial by Charlotte Tilbury on the gorgeous Olivia Culpo! Also, one of my favorite YouTubers rounded up an extensive best-of the drugstore compilation and if you’ve been clued-in to the beauty world, you’ll know YT-celeb Jaclyn Hill launched her expansion of the Champagne Pop line…

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Favorite YouTube Makeup Videos June 10 2016

Apparently I’m a bit slow, because I didn’t know who Olivia Culpo was but I am in love with her now. She’s so beautiful but definitely seems like a girl I could be BFFs with. She was cracking me up. But do you SEEEEE how pretty Charlotte’s products perform!? I die.

This video can’t get any more in depth. No product category left unturned.

What have you been hearing about the additions to the Champagne Pop collection? I’ve seen some rumblings of “ChampagnePopGate,” where people are freaking out that the OG Champagne Pop isn’t the same formula as the palette’s ingredients, but other than that… I personally like the eye palette best. I probably won’t be picking it up because let’s be real… girlfriend don’t need no more eyeshadows for quite awhile… but if I didn’t, I’d go for the eye palette. I just feel like the face palette is way too pigmented for me and I honestly can’t see myself EVER finishing those highlighters. Ever.

Favorite YouTube Makeup Videos for June 10, 2016 by Tati, Glam Life Guru; Charlotte Tilbury doing Olivia Culpo's makeup and what's the hype around the new Jaclyn Hill collab from What Would Lizzy Do.

What’s been your favorite of the week? Let me know in the comments, otherwise I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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