June 3, 2016

Best-of-the-Week: YouTube Makeup Videos

I feel like it’s been a hot minute since my weekly dose of favorite YouTube beauty videos. Last week was complete chaos for my blogging schedule… I had products arrive late, products arrive incorrect, #USPSfails (not surprising)… I was completely in Strugglevania. Anyways!

Favorite YouTube Makeup Videos of the week from June 3 2016 on brighterdarling.com

This week’s favorites are a review and swatch-fest of the new ColourPop MATTE-X Lippie Stix (which are supposed to be their standard lipstick in a tube but with an ULTRA matte, non-drying finish), a video about the 5 anti-aging ingredients you must be looking for in your products and lastly, a beautifully done makeup tutorial for mature skin (think: those 50+). Although I’m only in my early 30s, I like seeing how my makeup application should be evolving with age and you can always take a few tips from different age demographics (particularly when it’s a tutorial done by the fabulous celeb makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge).

Grab your tea, coffee or cocktail and let’s hang out together for the next 30 minutes…

KathleenLights has a HUGE cult following on social media, but personally, I go back and forth with relating to her videos. Regardless, she’s def super tight with the ColourPop brand and got sent the entire new MATTE X collection, so of course I had to watch her swatch video. What do you think of these – tried any yet? Let me know in the comments since you should know I’m a huge ColourPop fan already…

I’ve shared Brianna Stanko’s videos a LOT in the past because regardless of how she’s able to sell medical grade skin care online, she certainly knows her sh*t when it comes to ingredients. I am not the type to just believe whatever someone tells me without researching it myself, so know that these ingredients have been personally cross-referenced by me and are ingredients several dermatologists and estheticians I’ve seen over the years endorse.

We are certainly deep into wedding season nationwide so this tutorial crossed my path at the perfect time! I think this is such a gorgeous look and easily attainable by even the most novice of re-creators! I’ve learned so much about technique from Lisa Eldridge over the years (her pinpoint concealing and how she makes any texture of bronzer appear impeccably blended, for starters) – no matter the age – you should be able to learn a thing or two from this tutorial.

Favorite YouTube Beauty Videos of the week feat. Lisa Eldridge, Brianna Stanko and Kathleen Lights on brighterdarling.com.

Now you tell me, which was your favorite video? Any YouTubers I should check out during some of the inevitable rainy weather I’ll be experiencing this weekend here in Houston? Let me know in the comments!

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Happy weekend!


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