Best-of-the-Week: YouTube Makeup Videos

If you don’t usually care for YouTube makeup videos, you may want to take a peek at my favorites this week because they’re preeettty fun to watch. A love of mine, I have two split face tutorials using all drugstore products on one side and all high-end on the other and something REALLY fun for spring/summertime, a makeup tutorial testing out all waterproof/water-resistant products (and it was really tested… like girlfriend stuck her whole face/head in the shower on camera).


As one of the few black women dominating the saturated beauty YouTube community, Jackie keeps it super real for the darker complected community and she literally cracks me up every time I watch her videos (I mean, have you seeeeen her spoof video with her sister on beauty ‘gurus’? Hysterical.). Just because I obviously don’t relate to her preferences for foundation shades, the girl has some awesome makeup skills and we share a lot of similar product loves. Can you tell which side was high-end or drugstore?

Totally new to me this week, Shelbey Ashburn is so adorable and I enjoyed quite a few of her videos over the week while exploring her makeup style a bit more. The results she got from this split face tutorial really surprised me… I’m dying over that drugstore blush/bronzer/highlighter palette (and whyyy have I not seen this in stores by me!?).

Michele from ReadySetGlamour isn’t new to my YT series, but I reallly haven’t seen anyone else on YT truly do what she did in this video by recording herself soaking down her made-up face in the shower. Very impressed with the foundation and other skin products… what about you?

Favorite YouTube Makeup Videos from Jackie Aina, Shelbey Ashburn from Love Shelby and Ready Set Glamour on

Share your favorite YouTube videos in the comments or let me know which you liked the most from my picks!

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