March 25, 2016

Best-of-the-Week: YouTube Makeup Videos

My favorite YouTube Makeup Videos of the week focused a lot on actual makeup looks – one focused more on a bronzy/glowy look and the other very classic neutral-colored winged-liner eye with a bold lip – VERY pin-up girl. I also enjoyed an in-depth look at some high-end skin care favorites, particularly for those of us who struggle with acne and the marks they leave behind. I hope you find these videos as helpful as I did! So in honor of #NationalPuppyWeek, let’s get to it!

My favorite YouTube makeup videos during #NationalPuppyWeek on

I’ve watched Stephanie on and off for a few years… mostly when we’re on our ‘off’ time, it’s just because it’s a bit harder for me to relate to her looks with her dark hair and bright blue eyes, but I can always appreciate a good bronzy/glowy look. With spring break approaching for many (or just the spring break itch for those of us no longer in school), I figured this was a pretty and fun way to kick off the season’s makeup look.

Rae’s been mentioned on my channel before because her makeup is always done in a real-girl way. She DOES have very expensive taste, but I like knowing if I’m missing out on any of the good stuff and as someone who struggles to keep her skin in tip-top shape like Rae, I really liked her in depth reviews of the products she’s had success with. Have you tried any of her favorite? Let me know in the comments.

Lizzy is a funny girl and she’s got the prettiest skin and eyes! But anyways, this makeup look was so classic and pretty that although it wasn’t anything super unique, I just loved the way it came out and the products she used to achieve it that I had to share it as one of my favorites. Which lip color did you like better (she tries two)?

My favorite YouTube makeup tutorials and skin care videos on YouTube on

What were some of your favorites from the week? Share them below in the comments!

Happy Sweet 16 Weekend (NCAA fans!)! Who are you rooting for!?


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