Best-of-the-Week: YouTube Beauty Videos

I had a bit of a catch-up-on-life this week, which was much-needed. If you follow me on Snapchat, you’d know I got to attend Neiman Marcus’ Fall Trend Report and got a glimpse of the hottest looks in makeup and fashion for the season (more to come on that soon). For those who follow my braces posts, a HUGE update coming next week. Yay, so much exciting stuff!

In the meantime, my favorite YouTube beauty videos cover a post on five favorite retinol products, a round-up of a bunch of new makeup products for August and makeup touch-up product must-haves for back-to-school.

best of youtube aug 14

If you don’t follow or read Caroline Hirons blog or YouTube channel, you are 100% missing out on amazing skin care information delivered by a super sassy, witty UK esthetician. The skin care products she recommends are completely authentic, unadulterated, effective and no B.S. (something we take quite seriously here on Brighter, Darling). Learn more about Caroline in this article.

If you aren’t using a retinol product yet and you’re 30 or older, PLEASE research them, feel free to ask me anything, talk to your doctor or dermatologist and give them a shot. I’m convinced my use of Retin-A since I was 21 has immensely helped my skin stay as youthful as it possibly can, while also minimizing breakouts.

As many of you who love makeup and YouTube know, MakeupGeek/Marlena has been around for a hot minute, but I love that she purchases a ton of new products each month to give her viewers her honest opinion on the quality of the item. Any new things catch your eye? Let me know in the comments.

Melissa Alatorre is a pro-MUA and compiled a bunch of touch-up products that are perfect to carry in your purse and recommends a really efficient travel makeup bag. Loved her tips!

Best YouTube Makeup Videos of the Week for Aug. 14 from Caroline Hirons, MakeupGeek, Melissa Alatorre

Tell me if you’ve watched any YouTube beauty videos that you really liked.

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