Best-of-the-Week: YouTube Beauty Videos

Hey all! Thanks for reading this post. I’ve had a crazy week. You may have noticed I didn’t get to post as often as I usually do and that’s because I am [still] dealing with some technical difficulties in learning some HTML stuff. If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know this is all a personal labor of love and everything I’ve designed from the site logo, images and everything-in-between is 100% done by me alone. I wish I could say I have an “Instagram-husband” or some techie friend, but I don’t. So things take me a bit longer to learn.

Anyways, I certainly hope to post what I *wanted* to share with you later this week, but in the meantime, I have some awesome Best-of-YouTube videos to compensate for my disappearance :). Two YouTubers are totally new to me, as well! Everyone loves makeup dupes and it’s been a trend on YouTube lately, so I have another great one to share. I also loved a video that talked about unpopular products that are amazing, as well as, the most thorough “New in Beauty – August” video I’ve ever watched. This new-to-me YouTuber is so professional yet down-to-earth and fun. I hope you enjoy theses videos as much as I did.

Best of the Week YouTube Beauty Videos

I think it’s always a sign of a TRUE DUPE when even the YouTuber is shocked at how they perform. Which of these are you most surprised about? Let me know in the comments.

I think I was most surprised about Too Faced making this list. I always see that powder in store but NEVER hear anyone talk about it. Since it hasn’t been pulled from shelves, clearly people do love it and continue to buy it for a reason. What about these other brands – have you tried anything from them? Other than ELF and TooFaced, I can’t say I have. Should I try something in particular?

Here’s my newest YouTube favorite, Serein Wu! I found her because Tati (one of my all time favorites) ran a contest and Serein won. They did a July favorites video together (which was also so fun – watch here) and Tati brought Serein on her StyleCode Live show (in partnership with Serein is very committed to her channel – posting 5+ times a week – yet super fun to watch and I appreciate the research she does into the products she shares. This video is one of her longer ones, but I was completely into it the entire time. Totally recommend her.

Best of the Week YouTube Beauty Videos: Maria Leonard, Casey Holmes, Serein Wu #BrighterDarling

Let me know what you thought of these videos and new-to-me YouTubers in the comments.

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