Best-of-the-Week: YouTube Beauty Videos

I had one of those weekends where I seriously felt like it was Thursday night and I just time traveled to Sunday evening, but I have no idea what in the hell happened in between. No, I don’t mean that in a I-had-the-greatest-time-and-I-blacked-out-from-partying, but rather… seriously. WHERE did the weekend go!? …anyone!?!?

Oh well. It’s Sunday night and time to veg out with some Netflix and YouTube. Apparently, it’s also national (or international?) Pina Colada day, so if you happen to have some mix at home, go blend that up and join me for these three favorite beauty videos of the week. Lots of ‘makeup application basics’ caught my eye this week, including a full face makeup for beginners tutorial and a ‘how to’ apply eyeshadow like a pro. I also loved Makeup Geek’s round-up of what’s new in the beauty world. Let’s get to it!

best of the week youtube beauty videos on

Laura Lee looks SO pretty in this makeup! She didn’t use false lashes (as most of us probably DON’T on a daily basis) and I think it looks stunning. Don’t get me wrong, I admire and love watching those InstaGLAM, super intricate makeup looks, but for me, it’s just not realistic or what I know most of my friends/family are doing. I hope you enjoy this pretty look as much as I did!


I shared a few of Jamie Paige Beauty’s videos in this weekly best-of-YouTube series because although she basically only does YouTube now, her background is in makeup artistry and she’s awesome as balancing the perfect mix of natural and glam. The technique she uses here is a great baseline and one I agree helps build on when trying to create other looks. Give it a try – let me know how it goes!

Marlena from Makeup Geek is the real OG beauty YouTuber. I mean, what girl my age DIDN’T watch her webcam videos back in, like, 2007/2008!? Super cool to see how far she’s come, but I especially love her monthly reviews of what’s new on the beauty scene and what her honest thoughts are on the quality, versatility and value of the items.

That Anastasia Beverly Hills “Modern Renaissance” palette is in my possession and I cannot even tell you how amazing it is. The hype is REAL on that one. It’s the first ‘neutral’ palette to hit shelves recently that isn’t some modicum of what’s already out there. It definitely gives something different while still maintaining the ability to create a ton of ‘natural’ looks. Can’t wait to share more soon!

Best YouTube Beauty Videos of the Week by Laura Lee, Jamie Paige Beauty and Makeup Geek!

That wraps it up for this week! I have an insane seven days coming up, but I have a feeling it will include quite a bit of makeup tidbits throughout, so be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram for any updates 🙂

Have an amazing week and don’t forget to sparkle brighter, darling!
(see what I did there?)


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