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This week FLEW by for me (so I hope it did for you, too). With autumn already in full swing – um, we’re already halfway through September //WHAT// – and NYFW happening, I feel like there are back-to-back new launches all over the place and I can barely keep up with my personal wish list. However, one of the biggest new launches happens TODAY, actually: a supersonic hair dryer that has NASA-level technology hits stores and the price tag has most people (even beauty junkies like myself) dropping their jaws. One of my best-of videos talks about it, as well as, a fun video where a witty beauty blogger shares her experience wearing ’24-hour-wear’ makeup for literally 24 hours straight and a helpful video with quite a few packing tips we all could use!

Best of the Week on YouTube: Tati, Jackie Aina, Fleur de Force

I can’t even with that price tag… honestly. I wish I could trade in my Dyson vacuum for this just because it’s so insane. But I guess when you think about how often you use your blow dryer, it’s probably about the same (if not MORE) than you use your vacuum, so… I guess it’s justifiable considering the technology and features??? I don’t know. It’s getting rave reviews, even from regular people buying it from Sephora. I need to see/feel this thing in person. If anyone needs a $400 hair dryer, it’s me and my 400 lb head of hair. TBD on this one, folks…

I love Jackie Aina. She cracks me the hell up. I’m so thankful to fellow Houston Beauty Blogger, StephnStuff, for recommending her SnapChat to me. You need to follow her. I think it’s La Bronze James… lol. Anyway, can we all give her a pat on the back for taking one for the team, wearing a full face of makeup for 24 hours and possibly battling the breakout that came with that for the sake of beauty blogging? Yes, yes we can.

I’m always looking for new ways to pack efficiently since I hate checking my luggage, but have a lot of SUPPLIES I take with me. Fleur de Force provides quite a few new-to-me tricks I can’t wait to try out.

Best YouTube Beauty Videos of the Week from Tati/Glam Life Guru, Jackie Aina and Fleur de Force

Have you come across any new makeup collections that are catching your eye with all the NYFW stuff coming out recently? What about on YouTube? Let me know in the comments!

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