September 5, 2016

Best-of-the-Week: YouTube Beauty Videos

This was a makeup filled week and weekend for me, so it’s no surprise that tonight’s post on YouTube’s best beauty videos of the week is also focused on cosmetics and makeup looks. I hope you all got to thoroughly enjoy your Labor Day weekend (for my US and CAN readers). I certainly did by taking a few mostly unplugged days and headed home to the northeast (NJ/Philadelphia/NY) to spend time with family and friends.

But I digress. From a top five BB/CC cream recommendations list and a pretty Rosie Huntington-Whitley makeup look to learning how to take “Instagram makeup” to the ‘real world,’ you’ll find no shortage of new products to try.

Best Beauty Videos from YouTube for Sept 4 by Carolina Hirons, Jordan Liberty and Monika Blunder

I’ve mentioned loving Caroline Hirons in a previous post, so you know I take her recommendations to heart. I was especially impressed with what she said about the Estee Lauder products. I haven’t seen them in stores OR heard anyone else talking about them. Have you?

I mean… just look at how stunning she is in that thumbnail!? Do I even NEED to explain why you should watch how pro/celeb makeup artist, Monika Blunder, gets this perfect human so gorgeous!? No, I think not. Hit play.

Again, I share quite a few Jordan Liberty YouTube videos because he’s awesome. He always nails it and I have yet to NOT learn a trick or two from his videos (even after watching YouTube makeup videos for almost a decade now). This look isn’t meant to be a ‘natural’ look, but definitely takes the trends you may see on Instagram and makes them pretty enough for sunlight and un-Facetuned reality.

Best Beauty Videos from YouTube for Sept 4 by Carolina Hirons, Jordan Liberty and Monika Blunder

I have a fun post mini-series coming up later this week you won’t want to miss, so definitely check back around Wed. for it!

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