Best Toys For Baby’s Development (that are still fun!)

With my first child, I was like many parents in wanting to try any and everything on the market. After all, it took me over three years to have my baby girl (IVF mom here!) so I wanted to experience all there was in baby toy land. Additionally, my first struggled with tummy time and a bit of gross motor delay, so I really went all out in learning what type of toys would best enhance her mobility (and which were a waste of money). With baby #2, I didn’t want my home covered in toys but wanted a curated and developmentally appropriate selection to have meaningful play.

Best Toys For Baby's Development (that are still fun!) | Lovevery Review and coupon code | Lovevery discount code | Loveevery for newborn

My first daughter, Savannah, is almost five years old, so when I first heard about the Montessori-inspired Lovevery (get $20 off with my link) toy subscription, it was still in it’s infancy after a large investment in 2019.

So I still was feeling it out and honestly, I was drowning in toys already… but I made a promise to myself that when I had my second baby, I’d be utilizing Lovevery to minimize waste and actually enjoy the toys we did purchase and use.

I had my second baby, Penelope, in June 2023 and nearly immediately, got a Lovevery box to keep toys at a minimum but with maximum benefits.

what is lovevery?

Lovevery is a toy subscription service that creates a curated selection of toys based on your child’s development and age from newborn through four years old.

You get a box every couple of months with a very helpful guide and the use of an app to help you learn how to best introduce the toys, as well as, ways to play with them to encourage your child to learn while bonding together.

You can have loved ones purchase a Lovevery subscription for you as a gift, too! A great way to introduce yourself to the service. Plus, if you need to, you can skip or cancel your subscription at any time (hello… holidays, birthdays or if your kid is truly loving their current box and needs more time).

My favorite part of Lovevery is that the toys are sustainably made, mostly (if not all?) organic materials, safe for my kiddos and good for the Earth. These toys are high quality, durable and made to last.

best toys for baby’s development (that are still fun!)

As I mentioned in the intro to this post, my first daughter deeply struggled with tummy time and ended up having a slight gross motor delay.

I spent way too much time researching all the best type of toys to help encourage her progress and sought out physical and occupational therapy to help her.

The amount of money I wasted on every toy imaginable was so crazy.

All I needed was a small collection of items to really help her… and they’re exactly the type of toys I find in the Lovevery subscription boxes.

As a new mom, I also absolutely LOVE the booklet that comes with the kits that really dives into ways to play, developmental milestones, why these milestones are important and additional information and ways to play on the Lovevery app.

I hate having clutter scattered all over my house, and with having two kids, it can be a challenge to consolidate kid stuff… but with Lovevery, I can keep Penelope’s toys in one box and only take out one or two items at a time to keep her occupied for days and weeks before introducing something new from the Lovevery box.

Lovevery Review | Best toys for babies | Montessori based toys for babies | Lovevery coupon


To recap why I’ve been *loving* Lovevery for baby #2:

  1. 100% child safe using sustainable materials like 100% FSC-certified sustainably harvested wood, organic cotton fabrics, and other child-safe materials that are developmentally appropriate for her age.
  2. Instructions for how to introduce the toys to baby and ways to play to encourage developmental milestones like gross and fine motor skills, speech and oral motor skills, language and more.
  3. Curated collection of meaningful toys to ensure my house doesn’t become a toy graveyard – easy to clean up!
  4. The app to help me learn more about ways to play (I’m not a teacher – Lovevery helps me learn ways to set my child up for success).
  5. Helps me be a better parent – the toys encourage interactive play in a more meaningful way… so if I only have five minutes before I have to jump back into working (or her wake window quickly ended), I know it was a useful five minutes!

Lovevery Review | The Looker Playkit | Lovevery discount code | Brighter Darling Blog

If you are reading this and are a soon to be parent, new parent, parent of multiples that doesn’t want more clutter and wasted toys around the house, or a grandparent looking for a gift for your new grandchild… highly recommend getting yourself set up with Lovevery! One of my favorite things we have purchased for my second baby, Penelope (bonus: my older daughter loves playing with the toys with her little sister, too).

You can get $20 off with Lovevery right here. I think these have been the best toys for baby’s development and so happy with our subscription.


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