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As opposed to last week’s lack of favorite YouTube makeup videos, Best of the Week YouTube Makeup Videos for February 26 had so many great ones I was so excited to share with you! A personal favorite type of video, we have a drugstore vs. high-end split-face tutorial/check in; a Top 10 Best of Sephora and a really pretty natural looking daytime contouring tutorial.

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My friend, Ashley, and I love sharing videos like this with each other because it’s so interesting to see how cheaper vs. more expensive makeup performs. We love to try to guess what side is the high-end side without watching the entire video. This one was particularly great because Sam of PixoWoo checks in later in the day to show you how the two sides have worn off.

If you’ve ever checked out my Blogroll of the other bloggers I tend to follow frequently, you’ll know the RAEViewer focuses very much so on high-end/luxury brands of makeup and skin care. Although I can’t always share her financial budget, it’s cool to see what she thinks is worthwhile and I loved her round-up of these ten Sephora items that cover all categories – makeup, skin and hair. Have you tried any of them? Let me know in the comments.

Ruth of A Model Recommends has been vlogging/blogging about beauty for quite a while now. I’ve watched and read her stuff on and off for years and she’s always got solid recommendations. If you’ve read my ‘how I highlight/contour in 2 minutes‘ tutorial, you’ll know I love a good contour routine and this video absolutely blew me away. It’s so pretty and natural! THIS – to me – is amazing makeup.

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BTW, I have officially completed my one month of makeup no-buy! That’s a first for me (I know, ridiculous). The only makeup product I really am eyeing (but waiting to finish what I currently have) is Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation. I should be receiving a sample of it any day now, so hopefully it’s awesome and that will really be all I pick up in March. I’ll try to continue a ‘low buy’ in March.

advice needed:

I’ve also considered trying out some LUSH products. I know they’re super hyped up in the beauty blogger community, but you know I’m very no-BS, so part of me wants to see for myself. I’ve been a fan of their bath bombs for years, hate their skin (face) products, but never really dabbled too much in anything else. Was thinking Ros Argan Body Conditioner, Lemony Flutter cuticle butter and some sort of Ocean Sea Salt Body Scrub. Any thoughts? Let me know your favorites from LUSH below, please?

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