February 19, 2016

Best-of-the-Week: YouTube Makeup Videos

This week has been crazy for me! Anyone else? I had a hard time finding three favorites this week partly because I didn’t have much YouTube-watching time, but mostly because I wasn’t too impressed with the content. I like to make sure I either learned something new or thought the video would teach my readers something different. So this week, I really liked a video all about facial oils, a round-up of some drugstore oldies-but-goodies and a Gigi Hadid-inspired cranberry eye tutorial. Let me know in the comments which you liked best and what your favorites of the week were!

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Stephanie Nicole is another new-to-me YouTuber who caught my eye because I was totally intrigued by her hour-long 2015 favorites video and watched the entire thing! I rarely can stay focused on a 15-minute video, let an hour. Stephanie is a self-professed skin care junkie, so know that her collection is totally not the standard. However; since she has tried so many things, she shares some educated perspective on the efficacy of the products, as well as, works full-time in the beauty merchandising side of things, so she gets a bit of behind-the-scenes details. Very cool chick, in my opinion!

Which facial oil did you like best? I personally am thinking about that Juno or Artemis one for oilier skins.

If you’ve been reading/watching this best-of series on my blog for the past couple of months, you know I am a fan of Emily Noel/Beauty Broadcast. I enjoyed this round-up of products that have been around at the drugstore for awhile but are a bit underrated. Have you tried anything from her list? I always think about that CoverGirl blush whenever I’m in CVS.

NikkieTutorials is an uber-popular YouTuber… the girl has pushing 3 million subscribers. She’s amazing at blending and transforming through makeup and has a pro makeup background. She’s from Holland and as huge as she is on YouTube, I find her funny and pretty down to earth. This Gigi Hadid-inspired look impressed me because that warm cranberry shade can be tough to pull off, but her techniques make it look wearable – especially if you have blue or green eyes! Would you try this look?

Best of the week for Feb. 19 YouTube Makeup Videos on brighterdarling.com. Includes a video all about face oils from Stephanie Nicole, a roundup of older drugstore favorites and a Gigi Hadid-inspired eye makeup look by NikkieTutorials.

Alright everyone! That wraps it up this week. As a side note, I’ve been on a makeup no-buy this month. I’m finishing up week three and I’m happy to report that I’m doing well, lol. The longer I am going without buying makeup, the easier it’s getting. Anyone interested in a makeup-no-buy post soon? Let me know in the comments.

Have a great weekend,


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