8 Best Blushes for Different Skin Tones

Blush is one of those classic products that every woman – no matter how into makeup she is (or isn’t) – should own. I’d say blush can give mascara a run for its money when it comes to the quick impact it can make on your overall appearance in the shortest amount of time. A few swipes of mascara and a dusting of the perfect blush shade can pretty much make you look wide awake, healthy and polished in about two minutes. Here’s my 8 best blushes for different skin tones…

Best blushes for different skin tones on brighterdarling.com - pictured Lorac Cinematic, Tarte Blushing Bride, Cargo Echo Beach, Tarte Exposed, NARS Amour, Tarte Dollface

Fair Skin

Soft, pastel pinks and milky apricots are easy to wear and provide just enough color to not overpower your complexion. Essence Adorable is a smooth cool-toned pink that looks equally pretty on cool- or warm-toned fair skin and is a steal at $2.99 from Ulta. Tarte’s Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blushes are finely milled, pigmented and certainly long-wearing. Their shade in Celebrated is the prettiest light, warm pink-nude that’s easy to wear for the lightest complexions.

Light-Medium Skin

Medium cool pinks and peaches are the perfect complement to a complexion that *isn’t quite tan,* yet isn’t alabaster. I’ve loved using Tarte’s Dollface, a light pink, when I’m looking for a cooler toned blush or MAC’s Melba, a soft coral peach, for one of the best MAC blushes you’ll ever try. I swear I can pile this shade on and it never is overpowering or chalky. It’s certainly one of my favorites year-round.

Best blushes for different skin tones
blushes pictured (L to R): Lorac “Cinematic,” Tarte “Blushing Bride,” CARGO “Echo Beach,” Tarte “Exposed,” NARS “Amour,” Tarte “Dollface”

Medium-Tan Skin

Once you hit this spectrum of skin tone, you can have a bit more fun with stronger colors because they won’t take over your complexion the way they would on our lightest friends. Another Tarte favorite, Blushing Bride is an unexpected rosy pink that looks like a deep-plum with gold flecks in the pan, but adds an amazing neutral-toned glow without visible sparkle on the face. I personally love this shade in the summertime with a tan. For a punch of warmth, check out NARS Amour, a matte deep peachy pink (another summertime favorite of mine). Literally a dab of the NARS shade will last you all.day.long. I’ve had mine for way too long (probably past it’s expiration date, but it still works just fine).

Deep-Dark Skin

Lucky you! You get to rock those intensely bright, poppy colors that simply appear youthful and fun on your skin tone. Probably one of the most popular deep-skin tone blushes is NARS Exhibit A (a brilliant true red), which is wonderful. But let’s add a couple of others that may be a bit more subdued… like Wet n Wild’s Berry Shimmer for a subtle berry glow, as well as, L’Oreal‘s True Match Blush in Soft Sun, a soft terracotta warm brown.

Best blushes for different skin tones on brighterdarling.com.

Have you tried any of my 8 best blushes for different skin tones? What are some of your favorite blushes that you can count on to instantly perk up your look? Share below for others to add to their must-try list!

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