Beautycounter Skin Twin Foundation Review [YouTube]

When I first joined Beautycounter over a year ago, you KNOW I had to test out their foundation before saying I felt confident representing this brand. Back then, it was Tint Skin. Tint Skin was light/medium coverage with a natural finish in a limited range of shades. Almost a year later, Beautycounter gave Tint Skin a makeover. Skin Twin came out a few months ago, promising everything people loved in Tint Skin… but with better coverage, longer wear time, more skincare benefits, and an expanded shade range. Let’s get into my full thoughts on this formula and my YouTube wear test with this Beautycounter Skin Twin Foundation review

Beautycounter Skin Twin Foundation Review and Demo

To give you some background on my foundation journey and current preferences.

I’ve always been a BIG foundation lover. I have struggled with acne most of my teen and adult years, so acne scarring is a big problem for me.

Historically, I’ve preferred medium to full coverage foundations with a semi matte finish.

In the last couple of years, my preferences have adjusted slightly. I think it has to do with being a mom and having less time for ‘perfect’ makeup.

My current preferences are more of a solid medium-buildable foundation with a natural/satin finish.

Also, since I have switched to using my clean makeup, I have learned it is REALLY hard to make a liquid foundation with decent coverage for people who have more normal/oily skin. If you have super oily skin and want a clean foundation, you’re typically having to use a loose mineral powder foundation – and powder can be annoying.

This is a HUGE gap in the clean beauty market.

So when I test a clean liquid foundation, I really have to see how it performs on my normal/oily skin. If it doesn’t remotely hold up on my skin, there’s a good shot it will melt off my oily friends in an hour.

Now that you have those facts at hand… let’s get into it.

beautycounter skin twin foundation review

Skin Twin foundation is light/medium coverage, but buildable. In fact, it’s probably the most buildable foundation I’ve ever used in terms of not looking cakey as you add more.

Skin Twin Foundation has a natural, skin-like finish. It’s not super dewy/glowy, but it’s not matte. It just looks like healthy, balanced, freshly cleansed and moisturized skin.

It is loaded with hyaluronic acid – which holds 1000x its weight in water – to help keep skin soft, plump and youthful.

Skin Twin has NO fragrance and comes in a standard, one fluid oz frosted glass bottle with a built in pump and retails for $45 USD.

There are currently (at the time of this blog post) a very versatile and flexible 18 shades in cool, neutral, warm and golden undertones – from porcelain to espresso.

To watch the full review and wear test, check it out on YouTube here:

overall thoughts

I really enjoy this foundation. It’s my go-to for every day during the week and keeps my skin feeling really healthy.

I find it wears really well on my skin throughout the day… without fading or oxidizing.

In asking my clients, they feel the same. Most were honestly shocked and impressed at the longevity and performance.

To me, it just looks like my-skin-but-better. I feel like it’s hard to detect that I’m even wearing foundation when I first apply this formula… just looks like a veil of naturally healthy skin.

When I have ‘bad skin days’ and I need a little extra help in certain areas, it builds up well.

It also photographs really well – with no SPF, it won’t give any white cast and maintains the initial applied pigment.

Beautycounter Skin Twin Foundation Review and YouTube Wear Test

The biggest obvious con in this formula is the shade range. Considering it used to only come in eight shades, it has made steps in the right direction. And, something to make a HUGE note in… is the coverage level.

When a brand comes out with 40+ shades, it’s usually because the formula is full coverage.

When you are essentially painting your face with full coverage, you cannot have any flexibility In the tone. It better be a perfect match. So when a brand makes a full coverage formula, it better be in EVERY SHADE AND TONE UNDER THE SUN.

With a lighter/medium coverage formula, you’ll find fewer shades. There’s more flexibility and adaptation.

This foundation is NOT for those who want a full coverage, matte finish.

But overall… yes, I highly recommend Skin Twin foundation. It isn’t often you find a formula that is as equally appealing to no-makeup-makeup lovers and makeup-lovers, alike 🙂

If it helps, I wore shade 420 in the summer, and shade 350 in the fall/winter.

If you need help getting shade matched in this foundation, I have a handy Google form you can fill out and I’ll get back to you in two business days (or less) with what shade I think will work best for you!



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Beautycounter Skin Twin Review and Wear Test Demo

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