September 8, 2021

NEW Beautycounter Lid Glow Cream Shadows Review

Cream makeup is literally EVERYWHERE lately… and for good reason! It’s super easy to apply, looks extremely natural, and doesn’t require fancy tools and brushes. So… PERFECT timing to try out the NEW Beautycounter Lid Glow Cream Shadows, in 10 gorgeous glowy shades. Let’s chat more in my Beautycounter Lid Glow Cream Shadows review and take a look at them all…

Beautycounter Lid Glow Cream Shadows Review

I personally believe that 2021 will see a return to glam that we had previously prior to the pandemic, but in a more fresh way… think: hydrated, naturally glowing skin (not matte foundation and the metallic highlighter we used to have), light catching, romantic eyes (think: smudgy and soft, not cut creases and severe winged liner we used to have) and pouty, glossy lips (unlike the matte liquid lipsticks we’ve had).

Beautycounter Lid Glow Cream Shadows Review

Before we really get into the FUN stuff (swatches and demo), I want to share a little more about how shimmery, glowy makeup is made.

MICA is the ingredient that gives us that luster and shimmer we love in makeup.

However, the mica industry is horribly corrupt – think, children in mines, wage theft, etc.

Many beauty brands don’t even know for sure WHERE their mica is sourced from specifically.

Beautycounter went more than a step beyond to literally trace EVERY mica supplier they’re using to ensure responsibility and transparency in their supply chain.

Learn more about the mica supply chain story and Beautycounter here.

Ok now that we have that out of the way and we understand CLEAN BEAUTY goes beyond just safer ingredients for human consumption… let’s chat the products!

The Shades

There are 10 shades of the Lid Glow Cream Shadows ($24 USD each). These are broken down in three finishes: brightening, satin, shimmer.

The brightening shades are meant to be universal shades to use as ‘brighteners.’ For example, in the inner corner, brow bone, or as an awakening wash of color all over the lid. These shades all look very similar, but have slightly different undertones:

Beautycounter Lid Glow Shadows | Gleam Luster Aura

The satin shades still have a glow to them, but they’re not AS sparkly as the shimmering shades. These are best on more mature skin or those who don’t want as much intense shine on the lids:

Beautycounter Lid Glow Cream Shadow | Dusk Prism Sepia

Lastly, the shimmer shades are the most POP sort of colors. These are not SPARKLY, per se, but they definitely will bring more of a bold look:

*I do not currently own these two shades (yet)

Beautycounter Lid Glow Shadow | Twinkle and Flash

My personal favorites include: Aura, Sepia, Dusk and Flash.

Beautycounter lid glow cream shadow swatches | aura luster gleam sepia prism flash twinkle

The Formula

This is a true cream formula. It’s very easy to work with, gives you time to work with it a bit… but once it dries down, it stays put.

You don’t need a primer with these, BUT! I will say, I find that they do wear a little bit longer and more intensely when I use the Supergoop Shimmer Shade cream shadow as a base. It also makes them apply a little more smooth on the lid in a way. I think because they are shimmery, as well… it sort of creates a built-in transition shade under the Lid Glow shadows.

It’s not a necessity, but if you have a hard time with cream shadows, try it over one of these. Pick a shade that’s close to your skin tone. I have and use Day Dream.

Lid Glow Cream Shadow Doe Foot Applicator

image c/o

Let’s take a look at some of them in action in my YouTube video/demo here:

Overall Thoughts

You cannot go wrong with picking up a couple shades of the Lid Glow Cream Shadows that you know you gravitate towards.

They make getting ready and playing with eye makeup pretty easy. Swipe some on your finger, and apply to the lid… add mascara. Done. You look like you put serious effort into your look and it took two minutes.

And you can still use powder shadows with them… so, a quick look could be Aura on the lid and then use a light/medium brown eyeshadow or even your bronzer through the crease for a simple look that won’t budge all day.

BONUS: These are packaged in GLASS TUBES. That makes them significantly more recyclable than your standard plastic product. 🙂 Good clean fun, good for the environment.


If you pick any of these up, be sure to shop with me as your consultant at checkout (Steffanie Entralgo). I’d love to help you along on your clean beauty journey!


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Beautycounter Lid Glow Cream Shadow Review and Tutorial Brighter Darling

Beautycounter Lid Glow Cream Shadow Review and Swatches Brighter Darling
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