April 6, 2016

The Beauty Lover Tag

I saw this 10-question Beauty Lover Tag floating around the blogger community recently (my favorite was from Beti/Makeup-Sessions) and figured it’d be a fun way to get to know my taste and style more, as well as, tag some of my fellow beauty bloggers at the end of the post.

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If you could have anyone in the world do your makeup, who would it be?

No surprise, I’d have to go with Charlotte Tilbury. Her focus on the eyes is what always draws me to her looks and tutorials. There are very few products from her brand that I dislike – and none from the eye color range. She’s basically my makeup Fairy Godmother.

What’s your top makeup tip?

I have a few most-recommended tips I talked about here, but my favorite one would probably be cocktailing mascaras (use two different formulas to achieve desired effect). Since I’m a drugstore mascara girl, this is a cost-efficient way to get the job done and have it look exactly as you want it. I’ve yet to have a friend hate doing this.

What one makeup item could you not live without?

Probably foundation. My skin (and its annoying issues) are the driving reason I got into makeup so heavily in the first place, so having a perfected complexion is always my #1 goal. Of course, having the right formula (something buildable, so some color can show through on my cheeks and/or I can layer extra where necessary) is important.

Then I could always get lash extensions and be totally set 😉

What one skin care item could you not live without?

Blah this is nearly impossible, but I have to say a moisturizer with some sort of anti-aging benefits and SPF. Let’s be honest though, I cannot function with one skin care item with my crazy sensitive skin. It’d be bad news.

What are you worst at when it comes to applying makeup?

Tight-lining (using a pencil liner to line the inside rim of your upper lash line). The effect is soo pretty and natural when done correctly, but I cannot do this without feeling like I’m going to take my eyeball out. Thank goodness I don’t wear contacts because I’d be completely screwed.

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What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to beauty?

The ‘Instagram/YouTube’ makeup technique. I LOVE watching YouTubers apply makeup and learning about new products, but I just think that in the last few years, it’s just not realistic. The way many (not all…) apply their makeup isn’t for real life – it’s for the cameras and the lighting they have to use in order to ‘look legit’ and gain subscribers. It’s unfortunate. The fact that so many of these people finish a $40-60 bottle of foundation in a month tells you right there how much they have to use to ‘get the looks’ you see in an Instagram pic or YT video. I totally understand why they have to do it, but it’s sad that the vast majority of their subscribers don’t realize how much makeup this is for real life.

You can wear a full face of makeup with a ton of different products and look put together without being ready for the stage. That’s always my goal, at least.

What’s your favorite makeup era?

I am a huge fan of beauty from the 1920s (and just that entire era for everything). I think it’s the first era in the United States that women started to really own the glam look now that they had more rights and a little more independence. They experimented with color. Everything from the pouty berry/red lips to dramatic brow, smokey eye and perfected skin just makes me so happy.

As you can imagine, the Leonardo DiCaprio “Great Gatsby” movie had me dying.

What’s your guilty pleasure product?

Eyeshadows. I literally feel like I am always lusting after pretty eye makeup. Luckily, I’ve put a serious hold on this lately and trying to make more use of what I already have. But a shadow that makes my eyes pop always has a special place in my heart.

What’s your underdog product?

I’d have to say my on-the-go touch up powder, Clinique Stay Matte in Stay Golden. I’ve had this in my purse for years and not only is it a perfect shade for my skin, but it’s not crazy expensive and works without making me cakey or feeling like I have a ton of product on my skin. I can use it to set my face with foundation if I’m traveling and don’t want to bring a separate powder, or use it to blot my T-zone when out and about.

What was your favorite makeup product of 2015?

Lancome’s Le Duo highlighter/contour stick was definitely my gateway contouring product. Up until I picked up this dual-sided stick, I used bronzer to contour and didn’t really know the full powers of a good contour color. This stick has the perfect shades to complement my skin, look sooo natural and blend like a dream. Definitely a bit underrated and slightly too expensive for the amount of product you get, but certainly a favorite of 2015 as you can see in my 2015 favorites.

Beauty Lovers Tag 2016

I tag Hey There, ChelsieLittle Blushing Birdie and the ladies at Deux Bella. If you decide to do the Beauty Lover tag, too, tag me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and let me know! 🙂

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