April 11, 2016

5 Minute Healthy Beachy Waves + 2 BONUS Summer Hairstyles

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quick beachy waves tutorial with garnier whole blends refreshing hair care on brighterdarling.com

As the warmer months are rapidly approaching, the level of despise for blowdrying my hair escalates dramatically. It’s just too hot. However, when I let my hair air dry naturally, it tends to lack body and shine. I recently picked up the new Garnier Whole Blends Refreshing Hair Care line with Green Apple and Green Tea extracts at Walmart, which promises to revitalize dull hair and add shine specifically to help me avoid the damaging blow dryer and save some time getting ready.

My goal was to be able to let my hair air dry overnight to avoid heat exhaustion from blowdrying and be able to do a few quick styles (like beachy waves) in the morning to get out of the door. Here’s how I get my easy 5-minute healthy beachy waves and decided to throw in a couple extra hairstyles that will pull you through the days following.

Garnier Whole Blends Refreshing Hair Care Line

To start, it’s really important to use the right products before you decide to air dry overnight so your hair is healthy-looking and shiny in the morning. The thing that makes this beach waves technique quick is that we’re not curling all of our hair… which even works on my naturally straighter hair because the Whole Blends Refreshing Hair Care line gives me enough texture, body and shine that I can get away with it.

Tools you’ll need for these styles:

Beachy Waves Tutorial

garnier whole blends refreshing hair care line wet hair brushing in front of bathroom mirror


Using the Whole Blends Refreshing Hair Care shampoo and conditioner in the shower made my entire bathroom smell like a juicy green apple of joy. So fresh! After towel drying, section hair into 2″ pieces and spray leave in treatment throughout. This lightly detangles, adds shine and protects/primes hair before styling. The spray smells exactly the same as the shampoo and conditioner and the scent lingers a day+ post-wash.

beachy waves tutorial featuring garnier whole blends refreshing hair care line on brighterdarling.com

beachy waves tutorial step 2 on brighterdarling.com


We are only going to curl ten 1-2″ sections of hair. Three on each side of your head and two on the underside. Hold the wand upside-down and start bending the hair around the barrel about 1/4 or 1/2 way down the hair shaft. If you have hair that’s longer than your shoulders, a good benchmark is to start at around ear-level. I like to wrap it around the barrel two, but no more than three times leaving at least an inch out on the ends. Hold the hair around the wand approximately 7-10 seconds.

This next step is key: release hair and pull taught to ‘straighten’ out the curl. This is what gives that effortless beachy look and avoids it becoming too mermaidy (hey mermaid hair is gorgeous and I love that, too, but this is effortless and beachy we’re going for).

beachy waves step 3 on brighterdarling.com


Repeat this process on two additional sections on this side of your head, then repeat on two pieces from the bottom (as pictured).

beachy waves tutorial step 4 on brighterdarling.com


Begin steps 2 and 3 on the other side of your head.

quick beachy waves hair tutorial on brighterdarling.com


Once all sections are curled, flip your head upside down and spray with your favorite texturizing spray from roots to ends. Flip back over and ta-da! You have perfectly undone, beachy waves and it took 5 MINUTES because you only curled 10 pieces.

Half-up Half-down Tutorial

half up hair tutorial step 1 on brighterdarling.com


Grab your teasing comb and tease 5 sections across the top of your head (one at the crown and two on each side). Lightly brush to smooth so you end up with what I call Jersey-girl hair (or honestly, it could be Texas hair… I can’t decide anymore since I’ve lived in both states…).

half up hair tutorial beachy waves step 2 on brighterdarling.com


Take your four bobby pins and very gently (to keep the volume) pull back two small sections of hair starting at the front of your face around eye level. Pin back with the ridge-side of the bobby pin facing down. That’s it. You’re done and ready to go!

Because you teased your hair, it gives this really nice polished effect and how pretty do the beachy waves look from the back!?

Messy Bun Tutorial

Messy bun hair tutorial step 1 on brighterdarling.com


Remove bobby pins and use hair tie to loosely pull your hair into your basic messy bun, slightly in front of your crown. There’s no mad science to this… you literally pull the pony half-way through and whip the end of the hair around the front of the bun. Take the four bobby pins to hide the loose ends.

I like to pull a couple of pieces out in the front of my face and spray with the leave in treatment for a little added shine and smoothness. Give a blast of hairspray all over.

Messy Bun Hair Tutorial on brighterdarling.com

It’s messy but soft and definitely a great way to hide second or third day hair.

Garnier Whole Blends Refreshing Hair Care Line Hair Tutorials and Review on brighterdarling.com

I SUUUPER love this Whole Blends Refreshing Hair Care line because it’s going to allow me to air dry so much more often while not sacrificing shine or body.

Get healthy and shiny beachy waves in 5 minutes with minimal heat using my quick technique on brighterdarling.com.

Not only is Garnier Whole Blends hair care line nice and affordable at our local Walmart stores, but the formulas are made with our environment in mind. I don’t always seek out these types of green-products, but it’s nice to know that a brand we’re all familiar with is paying attention to things like parabens (it’s paraben-free), sustainability with the ingredients chosen and has even partnered with TerraCyle (to keep beauty products out of landfills). Granted, I learned all of this while reading the bottle in the shower (who DOESN’T do this when waiting for the conditioner to be rinsed?), but it’s still awesome. I like to think by using these products instead of something else, I’m pitching in even .02%, right?

Garnier Whole Blends Hair Care at Walmart Review

If the refreshing line isn’t for you, Garnier Whole Blends hair care line has five other varieties and scents to choose from with their own treatments. Check them out here. Which blend would you like to try?

Happy hair care,


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