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*Affiliate links *Products purchased by meAmika Undone Texture Spray ReviewWhen it’s 95 degrees with 95% humidity (like it currently is here in Houston… add a dash of daily torrential downpour and flooding lol), the last thing you want to do is waste time blow drying your hair to have it look a hot mess. This time of the year is all about the effortless beachy hair – a little undone with a touch of sexy volume. I’ve tried dozens of products to give me that piecey look after I’ve used my curling wand/iron – from Not Your Mother’s to Oribe – and while they all performed adequately, my happy balance between performance and price goes to Amika Undone Texture Spray, so let’s get to the review!

Amika Undone Texture Spray

I first learned of Amika’s Undone Texture Spray ($10-24) from beauty blogger and hair guru (out of Raleigh, NC), Kate from The Small Things Blog. If you haven’t seen any of her hair tutorials or read her blog, it’s a must-follow. She’s so easy-going, amazing at hair and one of those bloggers who has yet to make a product recommendation that fails me. Kate’s used several Amika products in her posts/tutorials but when I ran out of my drybar Triple Sec 3-in-1 spray (which is still a personal top pick, I just go through the bottle way too fast), I decided to pick up Amika’s during the Sephora VIB Sale in April. Here’s why I like it best:

It keeps the volume it initially creates

So many texture sprays do amazingly well when first applied and ‘schuzzed up’ at the roots, but after as little as 30 minutes, the style falls flat. This one keeps it held high – bonus height if you do a little gentle back-comb action from root to mid-shaft (learned that from Kate, too).

It doesn’t feel dirty

The cheaper texture sprays I’ve tried always make my hair feel dirty. Yes, texture should give you some grit to your hair, but dirty/sticky… no.

It smells amazing

The reviews on Sephora said that this texture spray smelled like old lady. While it does have a strong scent, every texture spray I’ve tried tends to. I *like* that it has a nice lingering scent since I don’t wash my hair daily and it doubles as a dry shampoo. To me, Amika’s Undone Texture Spray has a most-similar scent to the drybar Triple Sec or Oribe’s Texturizing Spray – all unique, all strong without being overpowering, but all nice to me.

The nozzle

This may be a weird reason, but sometimes the nozzle just can kill it for a product. Either they can spray out too fast, too light, too concentrated or too diffused. I’ve already had this bottle longer than Triple Sec and I’ve used it just as frequently. I attribute that to a good nozzle! This gets it just right.

The price

No, this isn’t $5 from Target, but as I’ve mentioned in my previous Splurge vs Save Hair Care Edit (here), I’m ok with putting a little more into my styling products since they’re the workhorses for my day-to-day look. The versions I’ve tried from the drugstore under $10 have all failed me in the above four reasons. Oribe is amazing, but let’s be real – it’s $44+ (note: it IS the largest bottle and I believe calculates out to the best value/ounce if you’re ok with dropping that much cash on a product). You can find Amika’s version for $24 at Sephora online here, and you can also just try the travel size for $10. Unfortunately, Sephora only carries Amika online. Boo, but yay for free returns (US-readers)!

If you’ve never tried texture sprays (they’re a MUST when curling your hair) or want to learn a bit more about them, I HIGHLY recommend checking out everything Kate from The Small Things Blog has shared about them by clicking here (it’s a search result of all things ‘texture spray’ from her blog).

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Have you tried any Amika products? What’s your favorite summer hair product lately? Let me know in the comments… even if it IS from the drugstore 😉 I’m always up for a new challenge!

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