October 31, 2016

Allure Beauty Box September 2016 Review

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This is the second edition of my Allure Beauty Box review series. For those new to my blog, when I try subscription boxes, I always try for three months to get a good idea of how the box works, its quality, and value. September’s beauty box had a ‘speed dating’ theme: the products are supposed to work and work quickly. From face wash to nail color, eyes, lips and fragrance, this box had a little of everything… but did I think it was worth it? Let’s get down to the details…

Allure Beauty Box September 2016 Review

Allure Beauty Box September 2016 Review | Pur-Lisse Cleansing Milk, Supergoop Shine On Lip Screen, Avene PhysioLift Eyes, GrandeMascara, Orly Breathable, Bulgari Omnia Coral

The package arrived exactly as the first – a cardboard package containing a glossy red Allure-labeled box. Different from August’s box, this box *did* have the filler paper inside to keep the items supported/from breaking. It contained the same booklet outlining the products, why Allure staffers like it, the price, and where to purchase the full size.

Allure Beauty Box September 2016 Product List


When I first opened the box, I was sad that the nail polish was that purple shade because I knew I wouldn’t use it BUT I was really interested in trying that new Orly formula. Le sigh. The cleansing milk by Pur-Lisse was ‘meh’ because I just had a Pur-Lisse moisturizer in the first box. The lip sunscreen seemed sort of bad timing since we are in Sept. (entering fall) and I’m not exactly poolside/outdoors often. The eye cream was interesting because it had a nice balmy texture. The mascara seemed cheap, to be honest, so I didn’t have high hopes. The fragrance was powerful. If you like strong floral fragrances, this is for you.

September 2016 Allure Beauty Box Review

Unfortunately, the box was a big dud for me. I tried the lip balm and immediately threw it out because it had that sunscreen ‘taste,’ and who wants that on their lips?! The mascara wand got way too much product on it, and I noticed nearly NO volume or length. It was basically a lash tint on my lashes. As mentioned, I didn’t bother with the purple nail polish because I tend to go for more neutral shades and the fragrance went straight to my mother-in-law to try. My ‘favorites’ from the box were the eye cream (which was a nice texture, but overall, I noticed nothing improving in 2+ weeks) and the face wash. Surprisingly, the face was was THE BEST item in the box. It did a great job at removing heavy makeup and was gentle and soothing – exactly as advertised.

Financial Breakdown/Value Analysis

Allure Beauty Box September 2016 Financial Analysis Value BreakdownI pay $15 (+ tax) for the box, so yes, this box did provide good value. However, I didn’t like that on the eye cream packaging, it literally said “FREE SAMPLE” on it. As in, this was the same thing you could get at your local dermatologist’s office for free and really didn’t provide any special ‘perk’ that I couldn’t try anywhere else.

Also, I had to snap a photo of this advertisement I saw in my recent Allure magazine, and perhaps my estimations aren’t 100% PERFECT, but I just had to share. You decide.


Sorry this Allure Beauty Box September 2016 review seems quite negative. I just have to keep it real! Check out the first month’s review here. I have already received the Oct. box and that review will be coming soon. You can stay tuned for my third month analysis to see my final thoughts on the Allure Beauty Box shortly. 😉

Allure Beauty Box September 2016 Review with Financial Value

What do you think of this box? Is this a list of products you would have loved more than me? Less? If you found this helpful, share on social media or with a friend and comment with your thoughts.

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