Allure Beauty Box Final Review + Evaluation

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This is my final edition/post of my Allure Beauty Box review series. For those new to my blog, when I try subscription boxes, I always try for three months to get a good idea of how the box works, its quality, and value. This Allure Beauty Box final review for October had a ‘season’s best’ theme. A little of everything for hair, skin, and makeup to help transition into cooler months. Thankfully, this box’s value definitely improved from the last, but will that be enough to validate you trying the Allure Beauty Box? I’ll let you know what I think and share the true financial value in this review…

Allure Beauty Box October 2016 Review | Final Allure Beauty Box Subscription Thoughts, Inc.

Ok let’s discuss the ghetto-ness of how this box arrived at my house. In the past two months, the red glossy box came within a cardboard, shipping box. THIS BOX was simply shrink-wrapped with CLEAR WRAP over my blatantly labeled “Allure Beauty Box.” Thank GOD no one stole it (because my USPS man is terrifically unreliable and puts my mail in my neighbor’s boxes a reprehensible amount of times). I was honestly shocked how cheap that was. Like you can’t even shrink-wrap it in black plastic!? Whatever. I ripped the Saran wrap off and dug inside to check out the goods.

Yes, it did contain the standard booklet with products listed, and there were a couple of full-size products in this box. Not bad. Considering this box shipped 2+ weeks LATE because Allure’s collab with Spongelle took a bit longer than anticipated, I let it slide because the box had some promise.

Allure Beauty Box October 2016 Review | Final Allure Beauty Box Subscription Thoughts | Briogeo Don't Despair Repar Deep Conditioning Mask, Klorane Dry Shampoo, Tatcha Indigo Body Butter, Mally Volumizing Mascara, Spongelle

Allure Beauty Box October 2016 Product List


I’ve tried samples of the Briogeo deep conditioner and knew I liked it already (and happened to already have the full size from my POPSUGAR MUST HAVE BOX). I was most excited about the Mally Mascara and the Spongelle Sponge. I am giving away the Briogeo deep conditioner on my giveaway happening NOW [disclaimer: I LOVE this deep conditioner – it smells great, is lightweight, yet super hydrating]. I was least excited/impressed with the eyeshadow.

After I tried what I could from the box, the Spongelle was weird. It lathered well in the shower but I still felt dirty the next morning (does that even make sense)? I feel like this is just foamy scented bubbles but I’m not actually clean. The eyeshadow legit went straight in the trash. Who doesn’t own a shade this color at this point!? I mean, you can use your bronzer… plus, the packaging was super cheapie. The body butter was very hydrating, but nothing mind-blowing. The mascara was volumizing, but not the most volumizing formula I’ve tried and for the price, I could do without it. If you like bristle-wands (as opposed to rubber/plastic) this may be worth a try. The Klorane dry shampoo worked well! I liked it. But the travel size only lasted me TWO uses before it was empty.

Would I purchase any of these items, full size? Yes, the conditioner. That’s it.

Financial Breakdown/Value Analysis

Allure Beauty Box October 2016 Review Financial Analysis and Value

I paid $15 (+ tax) for the box, so yes, this box did provide good value. Out of the three month’s of Allure Beauty Boxes I’ve tried, the best bang for your buck was my August one. Next would be this one (Oct.) and the worst was September’s.





Average Full Size Value/Box: $202
Average Samples Value/Box: $69


Statistically, I don’t think this box is terrible. Would I recommend it? Probably not. Mainly because the customer service is sort of crap. The packaging was spotty and different each month. I had delays with EACH of my shipments and there’s no loyalty/perk program like Ipsy or Birchbox or Sephora has if you want to purchase the full sizes.

Have you tried the Allure Beauty Box? What do you think about it? Hopefully, with more people trying it, it starts to improve, but I just was underwhelmed each month.

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Allure Beauty Box Final Review and Overall Thoughts and Evaluation

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