September 13, 2019

All of My Favorite Hair Care Products – 2019 Edition

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Since I was a little girl, I’ve received compliments on my hair. I don’t know WHY… because it’s basically a horse’s mane and the usual bane of my getting-ready routine, but for some reason… many people think I have nice hair. Who knows. But I’m here today to share my top favorite products to keep my thick, coarse hair healthy, voluminous and definitely NO BRASSINESS! So if that sounds like something you’re interested in, here are all of my favorite hair care products

All of my favorite hair care products for blonde ash platinum hair | favorite hair products for healthy voluminous blonde hair brighter darling | R and Co Television Hair Products

Now, before we begin, you guys know I’m exploring safer and cleaner beauty brands in 2019. From initial research, many of these products are not exactly ‘clean.’ But for now, these are the products I’m using until I can find safer, yet still as effective, alternatives 🙂

all of my favorite hair care products

To start, I did film a video talking about all of these products and how I use them, so if you prefer video content to listen/watch, you can check it all out here:

in the shower

We have to start in the shower. I have said in the past, I didn’t think what shampoo/conditioner used really matters since it gets washed down the drain… but then I realized that most of the time, I’ve invested in using a better, salon quality shampoo/conditioner… so I was being a hypocrite.

The two types of shampoo and conditioners I use weekly are some sort of hydrating formula, and a blonde/ash depositing formula. Lately, I’ve been very happy with the results I get from R+Co Television Hair shampoo/conditioner duo. They’ve managed to nail a smoothing, volumizing combination that requires SO little product, the bottles will last a while! For ash blonde, I constantly recommend the JOICO Purple Shampoo and KENRA Brightening Masque. They’re more blue-based purples and do WONDERS on maintaining my cooler blonde in between salon appointments.

Lastly, about twice a month, I’ll do an intensely hydrating hair mask in the shower. For years – since I used to DIY bleach my hair at home – I’ve used Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask. It’s the one with the orange cap. SO good at healing damaged hair.

styling treatments

I always need to use a good detangling product when I get out of the shower. I go back and forth between It’s A 10 (WITHOUT keratin… too much keratin is no good) and the Unite 7 Second Detangler. I find the Unite gives me more bounce… It’s a 10 gives more smoothness.

A new product I’ve been LOVING for the ash blonde maintenance are the IGK Mix In Drops. This product is pretty innovative and nothing else like it on the market! You just use anywhere from 3-6 drops mixed in with your styling oil (or I just put it right on my hair… #notsorry) to REALLY kill any brassiness. I especially focus right on those front bang pieces and the ends… where I find brassiness shows up first.

Lastly, I do use hair oils regularly. 99% of the time, I’ll use them on the ends of my hair before blowdrying. Occassionally, I’ll use them after heat styling for smoothing. My two favorites are Moroccanoil’s Light oil (more hydrating) or Goldwell Kerasilk (more smoothing).

All of my favorite hair care products for blonde ash platinum hair | brighter darling

finishing touches

Hair spray and texture spray are my best friends. I literally do not go a day without using one or both.

I like a medium hold hairspray that’s flexible and not crunchy… but it still needs to have some kind of hold! For this, I use drybar’s The Sheriff (***NOTE… DO NOT BUY IN ULTA OR SEPHORA STORES… THE NOZZLE ALWAYS BREAKS. JUST BUY FROM DRYBAR***), or Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray.

For texture spray, I am the kind of girl who likes MORE texture. The more the better. Especially to maintain the beachy wave look. I love IGK’s Beach Club (the scent is soo beachy) and Moroccanoil’s Dry Texture Spray (a little lighter on the texture, but still holds waves well).

All of my favorite hair care products for blonde ash platinum hair | favorite hair products for healthy voluminous blonde hair brighter darling

That’s the majority of the products I use regularly! I hope that helps.

There’s a few other products I use for no-blow dry days and days I need MEGA volume, but I talk more about these in the video if you’re interested 🙂

What products do you SWEAR by for your hair? Do you also have horse hair like me? How do you deal? Comment below with your tips!


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