Adult Braces Update 5 | Six Month Progress

Today’s my braces update and I’m happy to celebrate I have survived *six* full months now, lol. I mainly wanted to visually share how things have developed in this official 6 month braces update by piecing together all of my update photos into one, as well as, give a quick debriefing on what’s happened since last check in.

6 month braces update adult braces women with braces progressLet’s have cake! Also, happy Memorial Day to my veterans and active duty military. So thankful <3

Progress | Nov. – May 2016

As a refresher, I got my braces to correct some visible crowding that was starting to really bother me cosmetically (started to happen more significantly after I turned 25/got my wisdom teeth removed). The crowding also started to affect my teeth because I couldn’t floss without shredding it. Thus, I started getting a couple of cavities (first in my life). Before things got worse, I decided to get braces at 30 years old and was estimated to have to wear them 12-18 months. Here’s where we started:

Adult braces month one documented on my blog

Here’s where we are now:

6 month braces update for women with braces or adults with braces

Again, it’s hard to really tell a huge difference on my top teeth since the issues weren’t as noticeable from straight on (it was more something you could see from the side or in person). But maybe you can tell more than I can…

Here’s a month-by-month close up of all of my update pictures:

6 month braces update adult braces women with braces pinterest

Here’s my ‘aerial’ shots:

6 Month Braces Update Adult Braces Upper Teeth
6 Month Braces Update Adult Braces Lower Teeth

Click here to see last month’s aerial shots.

What’s happened since the last update

Honestly, this may be the most boring braces post I hope to make until we get closer to the end, but again this month – there’s been 0 change to my top teeth since we’re STILL working on the bottom (as discussed last month). I didn’t get rubber bands as I had hoped and we kept the same strength wire on the bottom (so both top/bottom are on their 4th wire overall). Wire ties on those bottom teeth were replaced/tightened, as well. My ortho lightly filed between my bottom two middle teeth to check if there’s even enough space to straighten those teeth out, but he’s extremely conservative with movement/progress, so although I have seen some minor progress this month, I am not sure if it’s going to be enough to add rubber bands yet (#sadface/#fingerscrossed).

In an effort to be 100% transparent, this month I had an emotional breakdown over the damn braces. I am getting pretty frustrated that I’m entering 3 months of no change on my top teeth and these bottom teeth holding everything up. I KNOW that you can’t rush teeth movement, but I also think there’s a happy medium with being conservative and proactive. So my husband (who is a dentist himself) got to deal with my 30-year-old self crying over these braces like I am legitimately 12. I’ve done everything I can to keep my smile healthy and pearly white my whole life, so wearing the braces had been very daunting and feeling like I may not get them off as soon as possible is scary. I want to be able to smile like I used to ASAP. I wish I could just file my teeth down myself -__-

I will be going for my next adjustment in a week and a half, so maybe some miracle will happen over the next 10 days and those bottom teeth will straighten out 110% and I can start making more progress by getting those damn rubber bands to start working on my cross bite already…

Adult Braces Unilateral Posterior Cross BiteFor those like me who don’t really understand what a cross bite is, here’s a close up of my teeth as of today (6 months). Although the teeth themselves are looking more straight, you can see my bite is off. The more proper (although not perfect) alignment is seen on (my) right, where the top teeth slightly overlap the bottom. 

Have you ever been frustrated with your braces progress or had a similar situation? Let me know in the comments so we can commiserate together. I’d also welcome any inspirational feedback, as I’m definitely less-than-thrilled with my lovely little oral train tracks this month. As always, if you don’t feel comfortable leaving a comment, my email is

That concludes my (uneventful) 6 month braces update. Check back on June 27th for my 7 month update and some info on the health advantages of getting adult braces (there are quite a few)!

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