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I’ve been on quite a travel frenzy lately with several long weekend trips everywhere from Houston to Philly, Miami to Columbus, Indianapolis to Myrtle Beach (and possibly another Philly… TBD). As someone who used to travel every month (if not multiple times a month) for work, I’m pretty much a pro at packing and the airport. My mom often jokes that if nothing else, I definitely have a job as a flight attendant.

Because of my traveling pants, I wanted to share five travel must-have beautyish products that go with me no matter where I’m flying. They make my trips painless and the recovery of traveling (because that’s a thing) a lot less draining on your body.

5 travel must haves beauty products

5 travel must have beauty items on brighterdarling.com

Let’s just get right to it, shall we?

Band-aid Friction Block, $5.99-7.99

I’ve had this little darling for years now – it lasts forever. It’s basically a silicone/waxy balm in what looks like a mini-deodorant stick. Apply it to spots on your foot/heel that are prone to blisters or soreness. It’s an absolute must to keep in my clutch when going out in heels, but works equally well if you’re wearing strappy flat sandals walking around outside for hours sightseeing. It completely prevents blisters and allows me to wear heels for hours on end with no pain. No joke.

Redness Relief Lubricating Eye Drops, $3.99-5.99

I’m not super loyal to any one brand for these – I’ve used everything from Visine, Clear Eyes and Rohto and they all get the job done. When I fly by plane, not only does my skin get extremely dry but my eyes do, as well. Add in the drying hotel air, and you’re basically looking at a scaly dragon (me). I use these every night and morning during my trip, or whenever my eyes feel extra tired.

Petrolatum Balm/Skin Salve, $6-12 (various brands)

Going back to the dryness, I always bring a couple multi-tasking balms. My favorites lately have been either my standard no-frills Aquaphor or Glossier’s Balm Dotcom. I use this on my lips during flight and before bed mainly; but depending on how dry I am, I’ve used this has hand/cuticle cream, before bed eye cream or as an all-over deeply hydrating night cream on my face.

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Dr. Jart Water Replenishment Cotton Sheet Mask, $7.50

I raved about these masks in my recent spring makeup haul (post), so you may already know how much I swear by these sheet masks for travel. They take up next-to-no space in your luggage and don’t interfere with the TSA carry-on liquid restrictions. Not a huge fan of sheet masks for a longgg time, I finally succumbed to the hype after trying these Allure Best of Beauty winner ones by Dr. Jart. As it says on the packaging, it’s great for dryness and redness. I find it deeply hydrates and calms my combo skin in a completely non-greasy way. I use these before bed the night I arrive at my location and bonus: the leftover serum in the packet is enough to save for the following night under your moisturizer to get the most bang for your $7.50.

Fiber Gummies, $10-13 (various brands)

Alright friends. Let’s be real. When traveling, you’re probably not getting your recommended 3-5 servings of veggies a day. If you’re like me, it’s more like 3-5 servings of carbs a day, along with wine and other delightful libations which result in me feeling bloated and uncomfortable – not exactly how you want to feel when rocking your newest swimsuit, bodycon dress or other resort wear. Yea yea, I probably should just eat better, but as an insurance policy to keep me feeling regular and not like a little sausage, I always keep a fiber supplement with me. Gummies are my weapon of choice because they’re freakin delicious, but don’t get carried away – the recommended daily intake is more than enough. I made the mistake of taking 6 when the bottle said 2 was plenty. It wasn’t an enjoyable trip. TMI? Oh well.

5 Travel Must Haves I can't leave home without - from dry skin, eyes and blistered feet to tummy troubles - this list has you covered for your next trip no matter where you're going. brighterdarling.com #brighterdarling

What are some of your travel must haves? Do you swear by any of the items I mentioned, also? Comment below and let me know!

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