5 New Makeup Products I’m Loving For Glow

I swore this happened to me with my first pregnancy also, but back then, it was because my skin got SUPER dry. This time, I think it’s just because I’m four years older. I’m just craving more hydration, youthfulness, and radiance. My pre-pregnancy makeup isn’t getting reached for as often, and I’ve made some shifts with some new items in my collection. If you also crave a little youthfulness and radiance… here are 5 new makeup products I’m loving for glow

5 New Makeup Products I'm Loving For Glow | Brighter Darling Blog | Pregnancy Friendly Makeup For Glowy Healthy Skin

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Back when I was pregnant with my first, Savannah, I had to totally change my skincare routine to things for hydration – my normally very oil and acne prone skin was SO VERY DRY. I even think that’s when I started falling in love with my Holy Grail Hourglass Luminous Light powder all over the face. Although I still LOVE that stuff and use it nearly daily to ‘finish’ my face, I felt like any powder lately just isn’t doing it for me.

Enter: the elusive creams. Cream makeup has made SUCH a huge comeback in recent years. But it’s also with a bit of a learning curve after decades of everything being powder-based.

But, these new formulas are so much lighter and thinner… not like theatre or pancake makeup of years’ past.

They’re able to bring life to the skin and many new formulas can even work well alongside powders.

5 new makeup products I’m loving for glow

Hourglass Plumping Eye Mask

Did I talk about this on the blog already? Not sure. I did a TikTok about it (below), but WOW. Just WOW. You know that crepey, creasy look your concealer gets because your eye area is dry? Or how even before bed after you’ve washed your face but before moisturizer, your under eyes look 10 years older than your actual face? GET THIS RIGHT NOW. Please do not pass go, do not stop to collect $200… just click the link, it’ll take you to Sephora. Order. I just love this stuff so much. It’s super thick. It’s made to use at night only. It won’t migrate into your eyeballs and burn. But it just gives a youthful plumpness to the eye area, while deeply hydrating… and lasts until the next day even after I wash my face. My makeup always looks so much better after using this Eye Mask/treatment the night before.

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DIBS Status Stick, High Road Highlight

I have several liquid highlighters and I’ve tried several liquid and cream highlighters. They just always are a bit too dewy/balmy for me and not glowy enough. I want some sophisticated shimmer that will leave a candlelit glow – not a waxy film. Does that make sense? DIBS is a new, indie brand that is all over Instagram and TikTok and founded by a longtime fashion/beauty influencer. Anyway, it stands for DESERT ISLAND BEAUTY STATUS for a reason. She wanted to create products that you really couldn’t live without and were convenient. This status stick is the first thing I tried from the brand and it is PERFECTION. I love this under foundation and over top. I love it straight from the stick and I love it dabbed on the cheekbones with my fingertips. It doesn’t leave me greasy/shiny, but instead youthful and healthy.

DIBS Status Stick High Road Highlight Swatch, DIBS Desert Island Status Stick Shade 4 Swatches | Brighter Darling Blog
DIBS Status Stick High Road Highlight Swatch, DIBS Desert Island Status Stick Shade 4 Swatches
DIBS Desert Island Duo

Well… you may have seen this coming. Because I loved the highlight stick so much, I had to try something else, so why not pick up the dual ended cream bronzer/blush stick. I got shade 4… it’s definitely a very warm bronzer on one side, and a very warm terracotta peach on the other. The formula is very buttery and does leave a healthy glow to the skin but again… it’s not necessarily greasy the way other brands are. It’s easy to blend with a brush and quick/convenient. Between the highlighter stick, and this stick, these two are really all you need to bring life to the face.

Patrick Ta Blushes

Oh man. I know I just raved about the DIBS duo stick. But maybeeee even more of a favorite I’m loving lately are these blushes from Patrick Ta. What. Innovative. Makeup. First of all, this is a two for one product. You’re getting a cream and powder blush in one compact, with a protective cover on the cream. The powder blushes (at least the two shades I got) have a subtle radiance to them so even on their own, these powders provide a glow. BUT… the magic really comes in with the cream. If you haven’t heard about these, the cream is meant to be applied OVER the powder to bring a healthy luminosity back to the skin so you’re not left with a flat, powder cheek. The beauty of this product is that you can apply the cream over the powder and it doesn’t lift or make your makeup underneath turn patchy. It’s remarkable. Patrick recommends applying the cream blush overtop with a damp beauty sponge, but I’ve tried the damp sponge and a synthetic brush – both work beautifully to bring dimension and a natural glow back to the skin. I’m SO OBSESSED with these. I bought one, and less than two weeks later, bought a second shade. I own She’s Blushing (a beige neutral pink) and She’s So LA (a muted tan with hints of mauve).

Patrick Ta Major Dimension Blush Swatches She's Blushing, She's So LA (left to right) | Brighter Darling Blog
L to R: She’s Blushing, She’s So LA
Patrick Ta Major Dimension Blushes in She's So LA and She's Blushing | Brighter Darling Blog
L to R: She’s So LA, She’s Blushing

….Ok these next two aren’t exactly GLOWY products, but they’re part of my daily line up I’ve been loving, so check them out also!

About Face Lip Liner

About Face is a new clean brand at Ulta and I was hunting for a clean beauty longwear lip liner for a friend when I stumbled upon their pencils. Now, you should know, I have YET to find a longwearing clean lip pencil. I own the Lawless ones, Lily Lolo, Tower 28 and maybe a couple others… but none have the same longevity as my beloved Charlotte Tilbury lip liners (or even the MAC Prolongwear lip liners). However, these by About Face are IT! They have limited colors in stores, but online their shade selection is vast – so something for everyone. I recommend having at least one longwear lip liner in your collection… in a shade close to your natural lip color… to use on it’s own with a bit of balm/gloss, or to layer lipstick overtop. The lip liner will make your lip color last so much longer and even when it comes off, you’re left with definition and color on the lips still. Imperative as we all get older and lose volume and vibrancy in the lips.

About Face Lip Liner | Best Clean Beauty Longwear Lip Liner
about face lip liner in shade: midnight seduction
Milani Highly Rated Tubing Mascara

I love love love tubing mascaras! They’re incredible for hooded and semi hooded lids and/or people who constantly struggle with smudging or flaking. Because the formulas form little ‘tubes’ over your lashes, they’re sort of like little rubbery coatings that won’t come off until you mix water with your facial cleanser/soap to gentle massage off. Some formulas, you’ll actually feel the little tubes come off your lashes… others not as much. But the drugstore hasn’t been super great at a one and done tubing mascara yet until Milani! For $12.99, this mascara rivals the popular tubing formulas on the market from Thrive, Tarte and Hourglass for less than half the cost. The formula is pretty wet though, so if you don’t like that, my tip is to give it a couple of weeks of use to ‘dry’ the tube out a little bit and it should improve. This mascara gives my lashes great length, definition and although not super volumizing, the drugstore price point is very lovely. As far as clean goes, it rates around a 4 out of 10. Not the worst, not the best.
Milani Highly Rated Tubing Mascara, close up of wand



As always, I hope these 5 makeup products I’m loving for glow help you, too or inspire you to try something new you’ll love. XO 🙂


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