5 Beauty Tips That Will Help Anyone

I have been a self taught makeup artist and beauty connoisseur for as long as I can remember (for context… worked as a freelance artist for at least 5 years and been wearing makeup myself since I was probably 14. I’m 38 now). I’ve tried so many drugstore and high end and luxury beauty products. I’ve used them on clients and myself. With all of this real life experience, there are 5 beauty tips that will help anyone with looking their best.

5 Beauty Tips That Will Help Anyone | Brighter Darling Blog

Over the years, I get these questions nonstop:

What PRODUCT will make me look younger/less tired/better/etc?

Oftentimes… it’s not what product or what money can buy that will help you. In fact, more often… it’s what’s going on INTERNALLY or with skincare that will help your makeup. But more on that later.

Here are the 5 beauty tips that will help anyone… at any age…

5 beauty tips that will help anyone


If you use good skincare products best suited for your skin type (which CAN and WILL change over the years and even through the seasons), you can use almost ANY price point of makeup and it’ll look good.


To piggy back off of #1. the biggest difference with high end makeup and drugstore products are the filler ingredients used in drugstore items. You will typically finish up a drugstore priced product quicker than a high end alternative because high end formulas.


The right facial cleanser for your skin type is extremely underrated. It is the foundation to your other serums and moisturizers absorbing and working better. Using a formula too stripping for your skin and you’ll be too dry to absorb your targeted serums. Using a formula too hydrating will leave a film on your skin and again, not going to allow your serums to penetrate as effectively.


THREE must have skincare ingredients you need in your routine for anti aging/youthful skin no matter what age: a stable vitamin C serum, a mineral SPF used daily, and retinol. Stick with the best quality you can afford in these and you will defy aging better than any expensive moisturizer can.


Brushes and makeup tools make all the difference in your makeup application – particularly for eyeshadow. The right tools (and right SIZE tools… smaller eyes = smaller brushes) make even cheaper makeup look better.

5 Beauty Tips That Will Help Anyone Brighter Darling Blog


That’s it, friends. Those are the cold hard facts! If you want me to delve deeper into a particular tip, please let me know and I’d be happy to expand and make recommendations. In the meantime, focus on these 5 beauty tips and you’ll be in great shape whether you’re 22 or 72!


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