3 Easy Steps To Unclutter + Organize Your Makeup Collection (no matter the size)

How to Unclutter and Organize Your Makeup | Brighterdarling.com

Many people may assume that because I love makeup, I have some vast collection that can fill a walk in closet when in fact, it’s quite the opposite. I am painfully organized and hate hoarding, so if something isn’t the creme de la creme for me, it’s appropriately taken care of. Here’s my 3 easy makeup organization tips… that is, until I have one of these to work with…


But honestly, my makeup collection is fairly reasonable for a beauty junkie because I keep to a strict plan which helps me stay uncluttered and organized while ensuring nothing is left collecting dust. Continue reading to find out more…

1 // Keep a bag/tray of every day staples easily accessible. I keep my every day essentials in a tray which not only makes for a quicker morning routine because I’m not digging for things, but also makes it easy for travel when I need to pack. I always include a foundation/base product, concealer, powder, brow product, and mascara in this tray.

2 // Clean out all makeup that hasn’t been used/enjoyed in more than 6 months. I like to do this twice a year – Christmas and my birthday (July). Sometimes I do this  even more often if I know I’m going to see a slew of friends and family. I literally go through everything and make three piles:  f*ck, kill, marry. No, jk. It’s late and I’m delirious. My piles are keep, trash and give-away.

  • If I use it fairly regularly (as in the last three months), I keep.
  • If I haven’t touched it for three months or more and it smells weird, it goes in the trash.
  • If I haven’t touched it for more than three months and it smells fine, it becomes someone else’s treasure because there’s a reason I’m not reaching for it. My grandmother, mother, sister, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and several friends have been lucky receivers of my makeup booty.

I also do this with makeup brushes. If you don’t like the brush or haven’t used it – get rid of it. If some are sitting there because you haven’t found a replacement yet… get shopping. Oh, also, how about you wash those brushes while we’re being all hyper-organized? Life is too short to not love applying your makeup. 

3 // Rotate blushes and lipsticks weekly. Every Sunday night, I switch out my blush and lipstick (and lipliner, if necessary) for the week. This not only keeps me using all of my products more regularly, but also ensures my makeup doesn’t become a monotonous mask. It’s also just more fun. Feel free to rotate out your eyeshadow, eyeliner or any other product category you feel needs more use. I toss these items into my ‘every day tray’ (see: step 1).

Easy Declutter and Organize Makeup Steps Brighterdarling.com

I hope these simple tips help you get your makeup collection looking spiffy and allows you to maybe rediscover some old favorites!

What’s your biggest issue with your makeup collection when it comes to keeping it organized?

Happy uncluttering,


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