13 Baby Must Haves for 3-6 months

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Alright… I’m past the half way point now that Miss Savannah Faith is nearly eight months old! I cannot believe how fast the year is flying. I know they say time flies, but my goodness, they’re not kidding. The first three months are a complete blur, especially, but we’re definitely in a little more of a routine these days. Today, I’m sharing my very whittled down 13 baby must haves for 3-6 months. I really tried to keep this as parred down as I could, as to not overwhelm, but alas, here we go! Hope this is helpful to any new or soon-to-be mammas out there!

13 Baby Must Haves for 3 to 6 month olds | Must have baby toys for 3 to 6 months | baby must haves for 3-6 months

So, things I learned in 3-6 months included throwing my ‘pretty, neutral’ baby toys out of the window because little ones need colors to learn. Oh well…

Also, I ran out of games and activities to play with her quickly as her awake time extended. Enter: Baby Sparks app. Worth it and I wish I subscribed to it way earlier. You can download that thing right away, but definitely get it by three months.

Lastly, all of the drooling and beginning signs of teething.

If you’re looking for my first, newborn must haves to keep you sane, click here.

13 baby must haves for 3-6 months

Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano

I am pretty sure every mom I know of that had a baby in the last year or two has this Kick and Play Piano. It really helps baby to learn to move their legs and isn’t to big and bulky that you can’t take it with you to your parent’s, a friends, or just drag it around the house.

fisher price kick and play piano | 13 baby must haves for 3-6 months

Fisher Price Jungle Activity Gym

So, initially I got this cozy neutral grey and white activity gym to match with my home decor. HA HA HA. Those days are over. Savannah responds way better to the more colorful, the better. This Fisher Price Jungle Activity Gym was recommended by a friend because not only is it bright, but it has lots of different dangling toys that make sounds, has mirrors, a little mobile, and also plays music! Such an underrated activity gym. Savannah LOVES it and we still use it regularly, every day.

fisher price jungle activity mat | 13 baby must haves for 3-6 months

Baby Sparks App

Unless you’re an early education teacher, daycare employee or just someone who has been around or had kids before, you run out of ideas and things to do with baby pretty quickly once they start staying awake longer than an hour. Plus, no one REALLY informed me HOW important a LOT (a lot a lot a lot) of tummy time is. The Baby Sparks app gives you little games and activities to help enhance your child’s gross and fine motor skills, sensory skills, emotional, self care, tactile, etc. They’re fun and help kill time while also teaching your baby about her world!

baby sparks app | baby must haves for 3-6 months

Teethers (banana, berry, both Sophies)

Oh yes, it is time to break out the teethers around 3-4 months. Everything starts going in the mouth. We have found Savannah’s favorites are the Baby Banana, the Berry and both Sophia the Giraffes (but initially, she liked baby Sophia more than full size Sophia).

Fisher Price Sit Me Up Seat

When baby can have good neck control, this sit me up seat was so nice to have as an alternative to tummy time or floor time. It gave her a chance to see the world from a different perspective and also was easy to tote around the house with me.
fisher price sit me up seat | 13 baby must haves for 3-6 months

Little Martin’s Baby Nail Trimmer

I laughed when registering for baby products when I saw an electric nail file. I was hand filing Savannah’s nails basically a little bit every morning until about 5 months. She then caught on and didn’t like it much anymore, however, she was scratching her little peach face up and that was just not ok. I Amazon Primed this Little Martin’s electric nail file and we’re obsessed. It gets the job done in a fraction of the time and is super quiet. I’m petrified to use a nail clipper on her hands yet, so a once a week buff with the electric nail file is perfect.

little martin's electric nail file | 13 baby must haves for 3-6 months

Nested Bean Sleep Sack

Do I think the Nested Bean Sleep Sack is any different than the Halo Sleep Sacks? Who knows. Savannah sleeps just fine in either of them. I will say the Nested Bean Sacks are the softest cotton ever and I like the side zip and top button closures. It’s a lot easier to put on and take off baby.

nested bean sleep sack | baby must haves for 3-6 months

Pampers Swaddlers Overnight Diapers

Around four months, Savannah started sleeping consistently through the night (I know, I’m very very lucky compared to a lot of moms out there struggling at 11 months, 2 years, 6 years and beyond haha). Her regular diapers were SO swollen in the morning and she would occasionally leak through them. No fun. I tried a few different overnight brands and we had issues with leaks except with the Pampers Swaddlers Overnights.

Now, diapers are a huge trial and error thing because they all fit differently for your baby’s body type. But these work for us and my baby’s got some chunky thighs 🙂

PS. No matter what brand you pick, size up for overnight diapers. Trust me.
pampers swaddlers overnights | 13 baby must haves for 3-6 months

LAND Diaper Bag

I love my JuJuBe Be Right Back Diaper Bag. It’s compact, pretty and soft on the inside and out. BUT there’s a reason it’s called the “Be Right Back” diaper bag. It doesn’t fit that much.

I ordered the famous LAND Diaper Bag from Amazon to use as a pumping supplies bag, but now that those days are over, I have officially (for now, at least), transitioned over to using the LAND bag full time. It’s got way more space for everything she needs and the price tag (around $30) cannot be beat.

There’s a reason you will see this diaper bag EVERYWHERE once you become a mom. I swear, on our first flight to Houston this past May, every parent in the airport had this diaper bag.

LAND Diaper Bag | 13 baby must haves for 3-6 months

First Years Toy Stacking Cups

Don’t ask me what it is about these plastic stacking cups, but she loves them! They’re also great to bring with you to the pool or beach.

first years stacking cups | 13 baby must haves for 3-6 months

Rohm Travel Sound Machine

My friend had this sound machine hooked on her infant seat/carseat and I loved how portable it is! Plus, it plays the greatest ocean sound. We never leave the house without this sound machine, especially for longer rides. It’s great when you have to nap baby and you’re not home. It’s smaller than my palm and she loves falling asleep to the crashing waves.

rohm travel sound machine for baby | 13 baby must haves for 3-6 months

Baby Drool Bibs

So much drool starts around 3 months. And the spit up. I had a few Copper Pearl bandana bibs and although the prints are beautiful, they’re pricey. I decided to try the Kiddy Star brand on Amazon and love how soft they are and they’re a little bigger around the neck (yet still adjustable) and longer, too. You get DOUBLE the bibs for less money than Copper Pearl.

kiddy star bandana bibs | 13 baby must haves for 3-6 months

Oogie Bear

When Savannah was teeny newborn, I was using NoseFrida and saline a lot. Then I realized it was kind of excessive because she didn’t have wet mucus… it was more little dry/sticky boogies. The Oogie Bear is this little hook that goes in and lassos baby’s boogs with minimal irritation and little-to-no tears! I still like NoseFrida for if she gets mucus or EXTRA stuffy, but for the occasional boogie blocking her little nose, Oogie Bear to the rescue!

Oh, and order the two pack. We already lost one and I was irrationally annoyed haha.

oogie bear snot catcher for baby boogies | 13 baby must haves for 3-6 months


That wraps up my 13 baby must haves for 3-6 months! I hope this is helpful and please share with someone that you think could benefit from my lessons learned. 🙂


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13 Baby Must Haves For 3 to 6 Month Olds | TOYS FOR 3-6 MONTH OLD BABY | BEST BABY MUST HAVES 3-6 MONTHS

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