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TRUTH:  I just became an Amazon Prime member this past year. I don’t know what I was waiting for, but it’s miraculous. Of course, my favorite part of Prime is getting new beauty goodies at a great price in two days (or less for me because I’m super close to a distributor). I looked back at my order history and wanted to share some items that have been EXCELLENT and/or I’ve repurchased multiple times. Here are my 10 Amazon beauty picks I recommend ordering today!

Top 10 Amazon Beauty Picks In Skin Care


amazon beauty picks

My favorite category to shop on Amazon is skin care, so you’ll find a lot of that. I love reading the reviews.

My biggest tip is to make sure you’re sorting through ‘most recent’ reviews.

Occasionally, Amazon sellers get new batches of products and some are better than others, so it’s important to make very educated purchases to ensure you’re not getting ‘fake’ products.

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42

I’ve talked about my love for this Missha BB Cream several times through the year and I stand by it 100%.

It’s a medium/full coverage BB Cream – very similar to the IT Cosmetics CC Cream.

I personally prefer this formula because it’s a bit more olive/golden undertone and has ingredients in it that I think help brighten.

I use Shade 27 most of the year, but in the deep summer, need Shade 31.

Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule

…I obviously love Missha. Anyways, this Missha Ampoule is a coveted favorite in the K Beauty community for its gentle yet effective anti-aging properties.

I recently picked this up to help combat the colder weather/flaky skin I’ve been experiencing on the days I don’t want to use my Retin A for anti-aging benefits.

CosRx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

Another K Beauty staple (you’ll find a lot of that here today), the CosRx Essence was my first true essence I’ve tried.

If you’re new to K Beauty, an essence is a product you use after toner and before a serum to help balance and hydrate the skin. Sort of like a serum, but a little thinner in texture (in my experience).

Snails! WHAT!?

You may be thinking that’s gross and at 96% snail mucin, even weirder. But snail secretion is amazing for hydrating dehydrated skin and those that can’t tolerate heavy oils but need moisture (like me).

I couldn’t have said it better than K Beauty Blog, The Klog:

From repairing skin damage and providing anti-aging benefits to soothing irritated skin and fading acne scars, snail mucin, or snail secretion filtrate, offers so many benefits. It’s truly a versatile ingredient, suitable for all skin types and concerns. Studies have shown that snail mucin even helps with atopic dermatitis.

In fact, even before snail mucin became popular as a skin care ingredient, the main component of snail mucin, Chondroiton sulfate, was recognized for its ability to help improve arthritis, liver diseases, nephritis, and fatigue.

Tinkle Eyebrow Razors

No, I do not use these razors on my eyebrows, but rather on my upper lip because my skin cannot tolerate waxing and I usually break out from depilatory creams.

So yes, I essentially shave my mustache like a man 😀

I like these better than a regular razor because of the precision you get with the tiny blade.

The technique I use is to move the razor downward (not against the hair growth) so it does not come back ‘stubbly.’ Yes, this makes the hair seem to grow back a bit faster, but at $5 for a pack of six, I don’t mind replenishing.

CosRx Acne Pimple Master Patch 24 Pack

I talked about pimple patches in my September beauty favorites, but these CosRx ones are way more affordable with the same ingredients!

Just slap one of these on any blemish that you may have picked at and watch it dramatically flatten out/shrink overnight.

Intrinsics Large Silken Wipes

Ever hear about the obsession for the Shiseido cotton pads from Sephora (and now Ulta)? Well, these cotton wipes are even better!

I have been a fan of the Shiseido ones, but the Intrinsic ones were used on me at a recent facial and I cannot wait to stock up on them once I finish the last of my Shiseido ones.

They’re huge, able to be separated into two and aren’t scratchy or leave any cotton bits on your face whatsoever.

At 200 pads in the larger package, that’s 400 cotton rounds for $15. Do the math, but I think it’s a great deal!

Frownies Forehead & Between Eyes

Attention those with 11’s or creases in the forehead but are scared to get Botox or don’t want to:  enter FROWNIES.

A fellow beauty blogger from Houston raved about these during her pregnancy while she wasn’t able to get Botox or use retinol and she said with regular use, they helped keep her fine lines at bay.

While I haven’t personally tried Frownies yet, I have them on my wishlist for if/when the day comes that I have to take a retinol break if I get preggers.

TOP 10 Amazon Beauty Picks - #AMAZONBEAUTY

Jose Eber Curling Wand 25MM

This Jose Eber wand is the only wand I ever use because it actually holds a beachy wave in my thicker, coarse/wiry hair.

I forget how I even stumbled upon this wand, but it’s been the best one I’ve ever tried.

So many have gotten loose, don’t hold a curl, seem to damage my hair… but this one by Jose Eber is amazing for beachy waves.

Banila Co. Clean It Zero – Resveratrol

If you read my blog, you know I’m a fan of cleansing oils/balms to remove makeup way more than makeup wipes.

I find they’re more effective, gentle because there’s none of that wiping/tugging, and travel-friendly because they’re solid.

Although I’ve tried cleansing balms at all price points, I find that the Banila – Resveratrol (antioxidant) is the best for the quantity of product and price point.

Plus, it’s just as good (if not better) than some of the higher end versions.

Majestic Pure Natural Dead Sea Mud Mask Cleanser

For those with oily skin looking for a deep cleaning, detoxifying mask at an amazing price – look no further than the Majestic Pure Natural Dead Sea Mud Mask.

I recently ran out of this so I need to repurchase, but I liked it way more than the famous Aztec Clay Mud.

It’s also great to spot treat areas of stubborn acne or blackheads along the nose or chin/jaw line.

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What are some beauty products you always order from Amazon? I need to take advantage of my Prime membership, so comment below or share with a friend who loves their Amazon Prime.

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