10 Beauty Gifts For Mom | Mothers Day Gift Guide 2017

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I almost love Mother’s Day gifting more than Christmas because I learned to love beauty as much as I do directly because of my mom. When I have the chance to splurge on her, I know she’ll appreciate it because she trusts my taste and I know exactly what she likes and/or needs. If your mom is like mine, although she may love that new eyeshadow palette I’m wearing, she’d never spend $50+ on it. She wears her handbags until the straps are fraying and falling off, and you’ll never see her wearing a piece of jewelry not from her kids… even if it’s 20 years old. Mother’s Day is the best time to get some beauty gifts for mom.

I also sprinkled a few accessories here, because my mom loves a new handbag (or socks, or underwear, or sneakers… you know, the things they never buy themselves) every so often. Let’s go shopping…

Beauty Gifts for Mom 2017 | Mother's Day Gift Guide 2017

Beauty Gifts for Mom | Mothers Day Gift Guide 2017 | Erborian Black Cleansing Oil | Erborian Bamboo Waterlock Mask | Erborian Glow Creme
10 Beauty Gifts for Mom



I forget where I saw it recently, but there was a poll on Twitter (I believe) that asked moms what they’d like MOST for Mother’s Day and the majority of them said “quality time.” After quality time, the most popular answer was a piece of sparkly jewelry. Moms may not have time to do a winged liner daily, but they can quickly clasp on a pretty necklace or set of earrings that was gifted to them by a loved one. I thought this beautiful crystal pendant by Ted Baker was perfectly priced a smidge above $50. These stunning Ted Baker gray pearl drop earrings also make a great gift just under $50. As I mentioned above, my mom uses her handbag as a work tote, briefcase, purse and probably a First Aid kit… she carries way too much but she loves herself a good sized bag and I thought this taupe and gray faux leather tote ($78!) was a great choice that will transition well through the seasons.



It’s no secret I’ve been on a K Beauty skin care obsession lately, and recently did a lot of reading up on the Erborian line. The Erborian line was founded by TWO WOMEN (how perfect for Mother’s Day?!) and combines the theories of Korean beauty with French skincare science. Both countries value skin care highly and have often pioneered what western culture is just now embracing. Erborian uses nature-based ingredients like bamboo, ginseng, charcoal, camellia oil (names we recognize) to nourish and create beautiful skin. I’m pumped to incorporate some of these into my routine and here’s a few I’d totally recommend for mom.

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2017 | Erborian Black Cleansing Oil, Erborian Bamboo Waterlock Mask, Erborian Glow Creme

The Erborian Black Cleansing Oil* is a luxurious makeup removing cleansing oil that helps with uneven skin texture and deep cleaning pores. A great gift for the makeup loving mom who needs to remove a full face at the end of the day. On the flip side, for moms who need all of the glow, Erborian’s Glow Cream* is an iridescent primer used to illuminate and add radiance with skin care benefits like licorice extract to brighten. Good for all skin types, Erborian’s Bamboo Waterlock Mask* is a soothing spa treatment she can do at home. A rinse off mask to seal in moisture, plump the skin and improve tone/texture over time, this mask is a great weekend ritual.


Makeup + Fragrance

As we get older, it becomes harder (not impossible) to use a lot of shimmer on the eyes. For most – regardless of age – matte eyeshadows are more flattering and the Tarte Tartelette in Bloom is a standout palette with just the right amount of shimmer shades (only 3) to kick it up a notch on special occasions. The texture is amazing and the palette itself has a light vanilla scent. Plus, the packaging is gorg. Although a little shimmer on the eyes can be tough to pull off, most moms can agree they love all the glow on their faces! Whether you’re shopping for a new mom who’s not sleeping at all, or a mom worried about her grown children and suffering from dullness, almost EVERYONE loves the Becca powders. Super soft with extremely refined shimmer, the Becca Sunchaser palette will have her looking sunkissed and glowing in an instant with a highlighter, blush, and bronzer all in one.

Beauty Gifts for Mom | Mothers Day Gift Guide 2017

Beauty Gifts for Mom | Tartelette in Bloom Palette Close Up

I picked two very different fragrances. The one for those who prefer richer, more complex, muskier and warmer scents will love Giorgio Armani’s Sí Intense. Those who err on the side of fresh, light, clean and floral cannot go wrong with Marc Jacobs Daisy parfum. I always opt for the parfum instead of the Eau de Toilette because although it’s more expensive, it will last on the skin way better.

I hope this beauty gifts for mom round up helps you find a perfect gift for your mom! Which was your favorite or any you’d also recommend? Let me know in the comments. Share on socials or with a friend if you found this helpful – I’d appreciate it a lot.

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